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Thread: Home made tools

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    Default Home made tools

    Some of you guys get pretty creative with your rat builds, I want to see some of the home made tools that got them to where they are now.

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    Here's a couple. First, my homemade stationary bandsaw conversion.

    Built a base outta 1" square tubing.............

    Added a support bar.............

    Bought this 3" Craftsman for $2 at a garage sale and mounted it................

    Built the table structure...................

    Cut the top from a chunk of metal I found in the dumpster...........

    Mounted my Milwaukee 6230 portable and presto, chango.............staitionary bandsaw!

    It works great! Cut all the tubing and bracketry for my roadster frame on it!

    Next up is the speed reduction mechanism on my drillpress. I had gotten this 1950's Craftsman floor model DP off of Craigslist for a great price. It was pretty scungy but the spindle spun true and didn't make any noise so I tore it apart and restored it.

    It spun too fast for metal work so I needed to slow it down. A speed reduction setup was a Craftsman option back in the 50's but good luck trying to find one! So........I built my own! The pulley was $25. The rest set me back another $2.50.

    Drilled a hole and welded the bolt to the steel blank.............

    Flipped it over and welded the steel blank to the top of the DP post.........

    Installed the bronze bushing, pulley, another bronze bushing and topped it with a washer and nylock nut. $12 in new belts and now I've got a variable speed drillpress with a ton of speeds and the lowest speed is 175 rpm! Perfect for drilling axle lightening holes!

    Lastly is my funnel drain system. Technically, not a tool but pretty handy none the less. No more dripping, oily funnels. Compact and outta the way, I always know where the funnels are and they're always clean and ready to go! A couple of pieces of wood, some scrap PVC pipe and a chunk of SS trench drain that I nabbed, where else, out of a dumpster!

    It stays hidden away behind the compressor...............

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    I love the funnel drain.

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    I like the porta band holder. For the last 20 years or so I would just stick one in a pipe vise and wire the switch on. The winers would say ITS NOT SAFE and Id want to punch there lazy faces in. But showing the lazy pricks how to do it was a little reward.


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    Built this Vertical bandsaw about 12 years ago from a saw I was parting out, can't imagine not having it in the shop.

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    My roller and press brake I built..

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    Built a louver press a while back and now a cnc plasma table kinda ghetto bit they work well.

    I still have to make my slats for the table just don't really have the scrap pieces to make it yet lol

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    Did u make the louver die?

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    yeah it's just 1/2" steel and ground to shape.

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    great pics!


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