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Thread: chopped 27 t

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    Default chopped 27 t

    here is the link to my build of my 27 on rat rods rule. let me know what u think

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    Default model t

    i quess people dont like to click on links so here are the pics

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    cool little ride

    do you have any more pics of your front end set up

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    That will be a nice Coupe,like the amount of chop.Is that a 350 going in it? Your front set up looks cool, What other links or rod set up are going with that?

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    Yea it's a 350 I originally had a 454 and blower to go in it but traded it to my dad for the 350 and tunnel ram. Il post up some pics of the front end after I get the mounts made I'm using some art Morrison ladder bars in the front with custom built mounts.

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    im useing the 34 chevy springs they will be bolted with u bolts on the frame mounts.

    there will be plenty of braceing on the frame mounts ive alredy installed the motor weight and have to cut 2 inches off the spring mounts to get the ride height i want

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    Update on my t. Its now a model a tudor i robbed most the parts from my t and stored it in the garage. I hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks.

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    Is the T body for sale?

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    i like your chop. how much did you take out? it looks bout the same as mine. i took out 7.5" and looking back now, i wish i had taken 8.5". my wife about freaked when she saw how low i had chopped it and said i wouldn't be able to see out of it! my response was "ya, i should have gone another inch, hey?" ha ha ha!

    how are you planning to keep the back end that low? it looks like a conventional axle under there ?? i couldn't figure a good way to do it, so im using a jag rear end. it has its complications, but easily gives me the stance i want.

    cool looking ride!

    clearing my garage skirt by 1/2"

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    That car is sick!! Right when I thought I knew what too build next. Now i'm not so sure


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