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    Default 23T Fiberglass Body

    I recently traded around and ended up with a 23T Fiberglass Body and frame. It was set up for a 350/350, however, there is no running gear or suspension. I need some help getting started. It has the suicide front spring set up but I need some advise on what year to be looking for. My hope is to make this thing a roller so I can get it in and out of the garage while working on my model A this fall / winter. I had one of these bodies several years ago and sold it off because it lacked this case it came with a great price so I said **** the history. It hasnt been delivered to my house yet so I dont have pics. I bought the model A this spring but Im not sure what direction im going to go with it yet so while Im gathering parts the 23T is going to get some attention.

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    28-48 will work for your front end. check out for more details on how to id them. there will be problems with mix matching some parts like spindales and wheels and what not but there are fixes all layed already on how to adress them. i recomend hitting google imagaes hard to find the t that you really like and that way you have some direction. t's are easy, but it wouldnt hurt to read up on donsrods "hot to build your basic t" he did a good job documenting everything and is an all around great guy when it comes to answering your questions. as for the 350/350 hit craigslist. a 305 will set you back $100 running and the trani will either have to the extra time and money spent rebuilding or tracking down a good one.

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    Default Got It

    Well the body and frame showed up today. I wish I had taken a pic. It was bungee corded to the roof of a Nissan Pathfinder. It was one hell of a sight coming up our driveway. Here is a few pics as it was placed in the garage. I know everyone here loves pics. My current plan is to unleash my two boys to rmove all the body filler that covers the front frame rails and install the front suspension. The rest of my purchase is reportedly going to be delivered tomorrow.

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    A bend in the road isnt the end of the road unless you fail to make the corner!

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    Default ?

    I was thinking about builting a chopped roof for this thing that is hinged in the back. To gain access to the passenger compartment the roof needs to be opened (passengers seated) and pulled back down and latched. Any ideas and could someone try to paintshop pro one of my pics. I can take additional pics if needed.
    A bend in the road isnt the end of the road unless you fail to make the corner!

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    Default found a problem

    Well I did some work on the frame that came with the Model T body and found out why the deal was too good to be true. I found a hole in the frame that had been covered up by some body filler and a large crack in the area of the motor mounts. So now my plans have changed to using the junk frame as a templete.
    A bend in the road isnt the end of the road unless you fail to make the corner!

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    idk what ya paid for it, but i think your still ahead.

    looking good

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    Default Money

    DC, like I said I had did some trading around to get this T, some to my uncle and some to a few other guys to get the parts I had. Some of my cost got lost over the years between the trades. I had nothing in the truck body but had >$100.00 in the bed and rear fenders.

    The remaining parts showed up today. Windshield and frame, Block hugger headers, NEW disc breaks, calipers, pads and rotors. He dropped off an early 80's Camero rear-end and a dual leaf early 50's STUDE front end. We also worked out a deal for some spare doors, running boards and trim I had for a fresh Jasper 305 he had. I didnt mention this in my previous posts but I also got two American Racing rims and tires (shown in my second post). I want to built a low dollar, little ride that we can tool around at the local shows.
    A bend in the road isnt the end of the road unless you fail to make the corner!

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    I was gonna say, I'd be skeptical of any frame with bondo on it. T frames are so cheap, it might be worth it to just buy one.

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    Default frame

    Yep, I should have known there was a problem but alot of builders skim coat those visable frames. I kinda thought the deal would still be in my favor even if I found problems. Today I ordered 2x4 tube with 3/16 wall to build the frame. I hope the 2x4 isnt going to be overkill and effect the looks of the ride. Cadilaccoffin you got me going in the right direction with the post you listed for me to view. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know becausethis will be my first build involving a custom frame. Im going to pick up the tube this week and I hope to make all the cuts and have the frame tacked in place. I will leave the final welds to my brother who works in that type of field. I know after looking at all the T-Bucket photos on the web, I am leaning toward not using the 18" bed. Im also thinking about buying a drop axle for my model A and using the stock A axle and sping on the T.
    A bend in the road isnt the end of the road unless you fail to make the corner!

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    2X4 looks bulky on Ts. 2X3 is what most shops use on T buckets.


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