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  • New kid on the block.

    Hi, new member here, my name is Willem I live in Arkansas and I'm 26. I've always been a big car guy and I built my first car at a young age. I'm in the process of building my first rat rod with my grandma, she's awesome I know. So my project rides body isn't as old as most of the hot rodders prefer, but it's what I have on hand and isn't that kinda the idea? I'm working with a 91 f150, I owned it years ago, wrecked it, sold it, and somehow ended up back with it thanks to a friend. My original plan was to pull the bed, move the cab back a couple feet, and build my own front cap. I've decided not to move the cab as it would be too much to handle financially. I did remove the bed and plan on building a wooden one, I have plenty of alder I know it's soft but I think after some laquer it'll be good enough. I'm using the original hood but building the fenders and radiator core. I've got a pretty cool idea for the fenders and side step that I'll share once I've built, I'm pretty excited about it and I've made cardboard mockups of it but need to find a place that will cut certain sized sheets of 18ga steel with holes for a decent price, plasma cutting or water jet or whatever. The cab itself will be painted but there will be a decent amount of rust on the rest of the ride. It's got a 351w in it that's been touched up a little, but in the years I haven't had it the transmission left the picture so trying to source the proper one for cheap. Also the steering column. And pretty much everything dash related actually. Anyway thanks for letting me join the group I'm excited to learn from you guys and sharing my own build as i go.

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    Glad to see younger folks diving in and getting creative with their rides. Will be interesting to see what you do to make it "yours". Have fun with if Mr. B! 1930 Chevy truck build link:


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      Nice to meet you! We are glad to have you here on the forum, and it looks like you've got some cool ideas cooking!


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        Thanks you guys I'm happy to be here and look forward to sharing what I do to it.