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  • Wire wheels

    Anyone using wire wheels (Not 30's style) on there vehicle? I have a set of zenith 72 spoke wheels I could use but not sure how they will look. They are chrome right now but thought about powder coating them. Anyone running this style have any pictures?

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    As a result of the poor quality of the wire spoke wheels from the 1970s through the 1990s, you couldn't give me a set of them! I know too many people that had wire wheel failures during that time. Most of the failures were on cars that were owned by people that took very good care of them and never abused them. One of my friends had a high dollar 34 coupe that had a front wheel fail while he was driving down the highway. When the wheel came apart, he lost control and the car rolled through the ditch. Fortunately, only the car was hurt.

    Wire wheels look good sitting on a shelf not being used. Gene