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Double flaring tube lines. Do it right.

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  • Double flaring tube lines. Do it right.

    Quick tutorial on double flaring tube lines for fuel or brake fluid.

    I can be done very nicely with your standard double flaring kit if you take your time and I'll share a couple pointers I found help me achieve the perfect flare.

    1, get a good quality kit, they all look the same but the quality of materials used in their construction can vary.
    Just like with anything avoid the cheap Chinese **** just like the plague.

    2, use the tubing cutter included with the kit to get a good clean square cut, and deburr and smooth the edges, even using a bit of Emery cloth.

    (Dont forget to put the nut on the tube before flaring!!)

    3, when double flaring clamp the tubing in the fixture so it extends out the same height as the first step on the double flare die. Clamp it tight enough that the fixture comes right together at the wing nuts.

    4, I learned that if you put a bit of grease on the tip of the tube and on the work side of the flare die it results in a better crimp.

    5, with the die in place, crimp it down until the die contacts the fixture, do this in a couple steps, tighten it down and stop 2 or 3 times through the crimping process, loosen and reset. I found this helps re center the die and makes the crimp more square.

    6, after pressing the die right down to the future, loosen the T handle, remove the die, then reinstall the T handle and tighten down one more time to invert the crimp, again do this final process in a couple steps, loosening, then tightening to help it center and re square itself.
    tighten it down until it pretty much bottoms out, you can feel the torque required to turn the handle increase drastically when it bottoms out.


    and if it doesnt look perfect, cut it off and do it again.
    if you ever wondered why there is a grove cut in the middle of the tubing cutter rollers... that's what it's for, so you can put a bad flare in that groove and do a short cut without taking too much length of your tubing.

    Do a couple practice flares to get comfortable with the process before flaring the tubes you spent so much time on getting to fit perfect in your rat rod project.

    This is What a perfect flare looks like...
    if yours doesn't look like this... RE DO IT.
    Especially if it's for your brake system
    Click image for larger version

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    heres a good tubing cutter with the grooves for short cutting off a bad flare..... or when you get too excited to do a perfect flare.... and forget to put the nut on the tube (we have all done it)

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is my stanstandard double flare kit, it's a Westward kit, but they all look pretty much the same.

    Click image for larger version

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    My build thread: