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My cheap homemade engine stand rotator.

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  • My cheap homemade engine stand rotator.

    I tried to spin my turbo'd 4 cyl on an engine stand and bent a 4' steel bar trying to turn it. I'm about to rebuild a Ford 302 motor and can't imagine trying to turn that over! Solution: Engine rotator. You can buy one with the stand for $200 and up. Not my cup of tea! I'd rather build one than buy one.
    Here's how I built mine.

    $15 swap meet engine stand.

    The rotator is a HF manual trailer winch. Part # 63755. Cost - $30.

    Took it out of the box and removed the cable and hook. Bonus: Now I have 25' of wire rope and a hook!

    Next, cut the sprocket off the hub and ground it smooth.

    Here's the 'big ticket' item. I happened to have a length of 2-3/16" round bar laying around from another project. If you were to purchase a 3" length it would be about $20.
    I don't own a lathe so I took my round bar to a local machine shop. For $25 he chucked it in a lathe and cut it down to fit inside the engine stand head unit. He also faced the end and marked the exact center for me.

    I centered the sprocket and welded it up. I also drilled a 1/2" hole through bar so I can pin it.

    I cut up the mounting bracket that came with the winch and used that. I had to build a 1" standoff to line the worm gear up with the sprocket. Also had to build a small pad to raise up the worm gear 'cause I screwed up and mounted the bracket too low. Haha!
    Added some diagonals for support too.

    With a 40:1 gear reduction it should spin the small block Ford quite easily.
    The bracket bolts to the stand with some long 7/16" bolts.

    Blew everything apart and brought it into the back yard for blasting.

    I had some leftover silver from the roadster frame so I used that and highlighted the rest with gloss black. It breaks down very easily to be stored away, also.

    And, I finally got to test it! Pulled the 5.0 out of my donor Mustang and mounted it on the stand.

    The rotator works flawlessly! It spins by hand with very little effort. Very smooth. I'm quite pleased!!

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    That is sooooo way cool! Thanks for passing that along. BTW- the pics are super and thanks for reducing them like that.
    Best to ya! 1930 Chevy truck build link:


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      Great job. Shows me creativity and smarts still rule over an online purchase.