I'm located in Nebraska. I have this 1929 Essex that I'm building. So just for reference of inspection or something that I may have to do, I have the whole car, minus engine, front bumper, hood, and grill/radiator. Currently it has a 6" drop axle in the front, and about to mount up the rear axle, 9" ford 45" wms to wms, this weekend. I also have a 351w, and C6 transmission for it, I have the original trans, but no engine. The thing is a rat rod. I have a current bill of sale, and the vin/serial number plate for the car. I called up my DMV about being interested in buying a 1929 car, but has no title, but does have the bill of sale, and serial number plate. She said that I had to have a title, and they've been titled since 1937. The guy I bought it from doesn't have the title, but he did say his dad took the engine from the Essex and put it in his Hudson back in the day. So I'm assuming at one point in time he had a title, but maybe he didn't put it in his name, I don't know. What's the best way to get this damn thing in my name? Anyone have a title for a 1929 Essex/Hudson? Or something around there? Thanks!

TL;DR How do I title a 1929 Essex in Nebraska.