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Suicide front end question

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  • Suicide front end question

    Guys, general question here,, is it acceptable to use leaf springs as your lower suspension links? I want a suicide front end with the leaf springs running along the outsides of the frame and functioning as the lower links to the axle. I was thinking of using tie rods as my top links. Whaddya think,, will it handle weird or some other fault I might not be aware of? Thanks!

    Salem, VA

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    Google "quarter elliptical springs". I believe that is what your thinking.


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      This was the idea I had, but was planning to use the entire leaf spring; attaching it to the frame with its pad and securing the other end with a bolt through the frame.


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        You could do that, but if you are attaching your front axle to the front end of the spring, and mounting the center of the leaf to the frame, what you do with the end towards the body won't make much difference, as long as its not getting in the way of the steering linkage. All of the axle spring action is going to take place between the frame mounted center of the leaf, and the eye that extends forward. I am assuming you are mounting your axle from the front leaf eye, with a spring on each side of the ride. If that is what you have in mind, the axle will have to pivot some at the leaf spring, and then you are going to need something to use as a link for the top of the axle to keep it from flopping over. What ever that is will need to be as strong as the leaf spring, and have the same amount of movement. or your axle will roll as it moves up and down, and that will mess you up. I don't believe tie rod ends will work, you will need something that a bolt can pass through like a heim joint. Those upper links will also have to be attached to the frame pretty solidly and still allow the upper links to move with the leaf spring movement.

        I'm not clear how you are intending to use the tie rods at the top.

        You probably should look at a few of those quarter elliptical spring set ups and see how they are doing them. if you find something you like, post up a link here. and I can help guide you some. Gene