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  • mustang two front end

    is there a good complete kit out there or is a person better off looking for frame mounts and suspension seperately??

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    I guess that would depend on what you intend to put the Mustang II front end on.

    This year of Covid shutdown has changed the parts availability a lot. Things that used to be readily available may not be available at all anymore.

    There are (or were) several kits built for specific applications that used to be pretty good. Some of the generic "fits all" kits were pretty questionable. The bolt on kits pretty much scare me. The kits that used lower "A" frames rather then the straight control arm with the strut seem to be better designed. The all complete kits can get expensive, but I don't know how well the price compares to outsourcing the individual parts, and I suppose your abilities to modify or fab needed parts may come into play.

    Some of the frame clips from back in the day used donor vehicles that are getting pretty hard to find these days, and most of the modern suspensions are too wide. Sometimes a clip or a full frame from a new version of what your working on is the better direction to go.

    Your question is pretty loaded. We don't know what your working on, or what your skill set is, or what equipment you have access to. Gene


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      thanks for replying gene i have two project cars that i want to install a ifs front end on a 35 ford cabrolet and a 41 ford convertable both are rat rod material the 35 body is made of bits and pieces and the 41 is going to need a new floor and lots of patch panels . i guess my main question about mustang two kits is which are the better quality kits?? i realize you get what you pay for in most circumstances but after searching ebay and watching you tube videos . im just curious which kits are more popular. i have used a camaro front clip on an earlier project and it turned out well i just didnt like the no turning back of cutting the whole front off my project car to install it. i have a shop with a wire feed and a torch and most hand tools a person would need for a project like this im getting a little older and like asking questions and getting feedback before i fire up the torch compared to 30 yrs ago


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        Kind of what I expected you were thinking. I'm not going to be much help. I don't now anyone that has installed a Mustang 2 kit in the last 20 years. Not to say it hasn't been done, I just don't know anyone that has done one.

        That said, 20 years ago my friend installed a Heidt's kit, but I believe that was an issue a few years after that with the upper control arm mounting plates being too thin. I think that issue was addressed, but haven't heard of anyone installing any of their kits after that.

        Most recently, a lot of guys have been installing Crown Vic suspensions, they are a complete subframe with the control arms and steering box all mounted on the subframe that gets welded to your original frame rails. I think they are a bit wider, but they say they worked well if the wider front suspension isn't a problem.
        Mostly I've done 88-96 Dakota frames * clips, but that involves cutting off your original frame and splicing the Dakota unit to it. Those early Dakota frames are getting hard to find that don't have rust issues. Gene