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Ride height problems, anyone?

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  • Ride height problems, anyone?

    Alright, everyone. I have a ride height problem on my hot rod. I'm supposed to have a 4 1/2 inch ride height in the rear of my hot rod. I currently have a 3 1/2 inch ride height in the rear of my hot rod. I'm running two quarter elliptical leaf springs in a transverse fashion. Any solutions to my issue? Click image for larger version

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    Three options.
    1) Lower your center spring attaching point on the rear cross member. You will probably have to lower it more then your 1/2" to get the full 1/2", and then you probably will want to adjust some for future spring sag.
    2) Add a pair of adjustable spring stops to your rear cross member. Back in the old days, some dirt track racers ran two springs on the front instead of a buggy spring, then added a bracket with an adjusting bolt that put pressure on the spring a few inches from the center anchor point for each spring. That allowed him the ability to adjust the spring tension on each spring. You could use that set up to adjust your ride height. I think in racing circles, his set up was called a "Fleming front end". He was either from the east coast, or from the south.
    3) Maybe you can add a spring stop spacer (or maybe a thicker one if you already have one) between the ends of your Quarter ellipticals.

    Pictures of how your center spring perch is designed would probably help more. Your likely going to loose a lot more ride height once everything is loaded on the frame. I also wonder if your spring shackles need to be more straight up and down then they appear to be, your loosing a lot of spring movement with them like they appear to be. Gene
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      I'd be with lowering the attachment point like Gene said. If that lower bracket doesn't have a gusset on it you could just put the spring on the bottom side of the bracket then throw a couple of gussets on the top side. (Or modify the gusset to do so.) Otherwise cut a lower the bracket.

      Looks like you have the axle temp welded to the frame?
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        Could I use a trailer spring instead of these quarter elliptical springs? My suspension is sagging like crazy with new setup and still not at the correct ride height. Click image for larger version

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          Hi Jazz256. In regards to a trailer spring going on there I'd say if the eye-to-eye dimension fit then sure. Can't say I've ever personally seen a trailer spring with the arch of the elliptical though- which would only lower the ride height.

          Am curious to know if you tried either lowering your mounting point or tried putting the spring on the bottom side of the mount? More details! LOL

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            I have put the spring on the bottom side of the mount. It didn't work. I'm thinking about going with a trailer spring because my frame is heavy and I have a water tank and fuel tank that is heavy too.


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              Sent ya a PM with my number. Give me a shout if you have a few.
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