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No spark - MSD issue?

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  • No spark - MSD issue?

    I've had my 1947 Dodge for about a month or so and it ran beautifully when I got it. We decided to send the MSD Handheld out because the display wasn't displaying anything. We disconnected the MSD power and sent it out. We just got it back , hooked it up - display works! Everything was saved from before. However, now the truck won't start and doesn't seem to be getting any spark. Could they be related somehow? The wiring on this truck is a mess but there are only 2 power wires and then the plugs that go into the TCM. everything is right back to where it was but it still won't start. Ideas? Spark plugs were pulled and cleaned and I know the engine is running a little rich. could be flooded. What are we not thinking of?

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    Problem solved! Simple wire swap and she fired right up. TY