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Wiring a 4L60E Transmission

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  • Wiring a 4L60E Transmission

    Hey y'all,

    I'm hoping to find some help wiring up my 4L60E. My donor parts truck was a 1993 K1500 Half-heavy with the 6.2 diesel motor in it. I know the 4L60E will only shift with the computer connected, and I think i've hooked everything up, but I can't get it to shift out of first. The things I didn't hook up, because I don't have them, are:

    1. EGR Solenoid
    2. Check Engine Light
    3. Air Bypass Valve
    4. AC Request
    6. Brake switch
    7. MAP/Linear EGR
    8. Fuel Pump Relay Control
    9. 4WD Switch
    10. Serial Data
    11. Ignition Control Module SIgnal
    12. Canister Purge SOlenoid
    13. Idle Air Control Valve
    14. Ignition Control Module REF High
    15. Ignition Control Module REF Low
    16. IAC Valve A Low
    17. IAC Valve B Low
    18. IAC Valve B High
    19. Fuel Injector B
    20. Fuel Injector B
    21. Oxygen Sensor Signal
    22. Oxygen Sensor Ground
    23. DLC DIagnostic
    24. Fuel Inejctor A
    25. Ignition Control Module BYpass
    26. ECT Sensor Signal
    27. Cruise Control
    28. Fuel Pump Signal
    29. MAP Sensor SIgnal
    30. Knock Sensor
    31. EGR Pintle

    -- These are descriptions from the two pin connectors that plug into the ECM. I don't have many of those cables simply because this came off of a diesel. Everything else is hooked up, including the VSS Buffer. Is there a way to test whether the PCM is working/is doing anything? I wonder if I have a bad PCM.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have not played with GM computer controlled stuff, but based on the Mopar stuff I have played with, I suspect your computer is not up shifting because there are too many things it monitors that are not giving it the feedback it wants to see.

    I'm guessing (important to understand that I'm guessing) the the computer will want to see info from:
    6 Brake switch
    8 Fuel pump relay control
    10 Serial data
    11, 14 & 15 Ignition control modael signal
    13 Idle air control module
    & most of them past 19, except for #27 the cruise control.
    As far as the computer is concerned, the motor is not functioning. Why would it allow the trans to up shift?
    I think you need to do an online search to see what the computer needs to see before it will shift the trans. Sorry, Gene


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      Thank you for the response Gene! I think you're probably right. Does an older computer (1993) like this look for missing feeds? For example, the Fuel Pump Relay Control only turns the fuel pump relay on and off. It doesn't receive a signal from the relay as far as I know.

      This computer came from a 1993 K1500 Diesel (the half-heavy). It doesn't even have wires in the plug for a majority of the pinouts because the diesel doesn't have an ignition control module, oxygen sensors, map sensors, etc. etc.

      Do you have any idea what "serial data" is or does?

      Thanks for all the help!


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        The problem with a lot of the computers is they feed power to a relay, and when the relay kicks in, it may complete a circuit the computer monitors. I'm not at all acquainted with anything GM, so I'm not the guy that can help you. Dodge started using the OBD2 system in about 94 or 95, but GM was probably using something like it earlier then Dodge was.

        My guess is that there is someone out there that probably makes a stand a lone wire harness that provides the info the computer needs to shift the trans, you just have to find it. I suggest you do a Google search. Gene


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          TCI makes a trans. controller that makes it all much easier. we use them alot.