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87 Dodge Dakota Stock Wiring Harness

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  • 87 Dodge Dakota Stock Wiring Harness

    I was wondering if anyone has used a stock factory wiring harness to rewire an earlier vehicle or it just not worth the hassle?

    I have an 87 Dakota 3.9v6/5speed that's wiring is still intact.

    I'm trying to wire a 48 International KB body on an 89 Dakota chassis running a 360 and AX15 5 speed. Some accessories not all... AC to be certain.

    My biggest concern is the COMPUTER.

    Do I need the computer? Unless I run an externally regulated alternator?
    peace ~ rg

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    OK, you've got a '48 KB cab on an '89 Dakota chassis with a 360/5-spd combo. Did the 360/5-spd come stock in your Dakota chassis? Is the 360 carb'd or throttle bodied?
    What's the relevance of the '87 Dakota 3.9 wiring? If both the 3.9 V6 and 360 are computer controlled, you can't use the V6 comp and harness on the 360 V8. Just trying to understand your dilema.


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      What he said.

      If your intent is to use the Dakota harness for lights and such, (an 87 Dakota had a carb, so it won't do any good with an EFI), then I think you will be much farther ahead to buy a wiring harness for a hot rod. The Dakota harness has a lot of useless things like seat belt warning, and emission stuff you probably are not going to use, and it is a pita to remove all the stuff you won't be using. Gene


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        Thanks guys, I'll buy a harness.
        peace ~ rg