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GPS Speedo w/sender for $65? too good to be true?

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  • GPS Speedo w/sender for $65? too good to be true?

    Been watching these on eBay & Amazon for a while now, and in the back of my head, it keeps telling me there has to be a catch.
    I like the idea of an easy to calibrate speedo, esp since I often change tires up, and hate the "gear game" with mechanical gauges.
    Speedway, Jegs, Summit, etc etc etc all sell GPS sending units for electronic gauges, but the cost alone of those is sometimes 3x as much as this whole thing.
    Have any of you bought one of these yet?
    Also, I like that these only go up to 140mph. I'd even be happy with only 100mph.
    With a 3 3/8" gauge, @ 200mph the needle barely moves...... and a 200mph?....... really?
    Some of those more expensive "name brand" gauges cost more and go to high....... making the numbers hard to see, for an mph that I'll never see on the street.

    I don't know..... half tempted to try these "cheap seats" just because it's not that much money if it sucks.

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    Those are cool, even cooler if they work! I have used speed guts GPS speedo in the Cleopatra sedan and it works awesome.
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      I think I'll bite the bullet and be the guinea pig on this one.
      I'll turn off the voice in my head that is saying, "you get what you pay for" and just go for it.....
      It'll be a while longer before the truck is running, but maybe I can temp wire it into something to test it out early.
      If all else fails, it won't be the first time I've dropped a "Grant" or a "Benny" on a maybe.


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        The one I put in my Olds was $63. It was a general purpose, boat, car etc. Installed it in April. Has not missed a lick. Only thing odd is no tenths on odometer and it takes a few seconds to get a reading. Worth it!


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          Watching this thread with great interest. I notice if there's more than a 10th of a mile it's no longer returnable.