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MOPAR altenator wiring

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  • MOPAR altenator wiring

    Putting a 1990 LA 318 into a 1998 Dakota frame that will underpin a 1950 2r5 Stude pickup

    Converted the 318 to carb, and HEI. No computers on this build for me.

    I am told the altenator from the Dak will not charge as the computer will have been deleted. is that true?

    Any ideas on what to do? Early 1980's/ late 1970's altenator I guess and an external voltage regulator?? I was hoping not to spend any money on this part!

    I was thinking on keeping the Serpentine belt setp up from the Daks donor Magnum V6, too


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    it will not charge with out the computer, you will just have to wire in a external voltage regulator.


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      I would check your local salvage yard for a early Chevy 3 wire altenator. I have before made a bracket for the chevy alt for a Chrysler small block. Simple to wire also. Internal regulated too. As that helps keep the wire clutter down in engine bay. Also. Look into the early non efi dodge/chrysler altenators. Not hard to get'em charging your battery.
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        WIred up and external voltage regulator for a 197x Challenger. Works great. Got the pigtail from Rockauto. Using the stock Mopar altenator .


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          Is the alternator the primary concern with an earlier (say 87) harness? What else is impacted?

          Considering a rewire using a 87 factory harness and going same route as Crusty2r - carb and HEI
          peace ~ rg


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            robber grin, I suggest you but a hot rod wiring harness. The 87 Dakota harness has a lot of useless stuff in it you probably won't use, and probably don't want. Is is a pain to remove everything you don't want from the Dakota harness.

            I just spent weeks cleaning up a Dakota harness for my current project. Yea, I had the harness, and it didn't cost much, except the 100 or so butt connectors I used removing and shortening the wires to fit in my project truck. I won't ever do that again! Spend the money, buy a wiring harness, and have all new wires with labels telling you where they go. A 7 -9 fues kit will cover nearly everything you will want. Gene


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              Thanks Gene - I'm shopping for wiring harnesses.
              peace ~ rg