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1948 chevy frame question

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  • 1948 chevy frame question

    has anyone used a 88-98 chevy full size truck frame on a 1947-1954 truck? If so can anyone pics how the front fenders look width wise.

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    can make anything work, I found the easiest way is to put them on a long bed standard cab s10 frame as it is 118" wb, plus there is a bolt on kit to mount it to frame for around 1800. hope this helps?


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      6 years later Iím about to start on my 48. Life has threw every wrench at my you con almost imagine. Sold all my cars and my 51. Changed jobs a hand full of times. And got divorced. But Iím building my 48 still. I have a 91 Silverado Iím using as a donor. Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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          The wheel base (which can be shortened) and the track width (how wide the front tires are apart from each other) which is more difficult to change, and the motor location compared to the firewall and the distance between the front wheels and the firewall are the biggest obstacles in matching a frame to an old body. If you can park the 91 side by side with the 49, lining up the front wheels with each truck, a tape measure will tell you what will need to be moved.
          I think the 91 chassis will have a pretty wide front tire spacing and will probably interfere with the tires in the fenders, but I've been wrong before. Gene


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            Iím pretty sure the width is wider on my 91 so Iíll be splitting the fenders and widening them. Wheel base length wonít be a problem since Iím going flat bed.


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              The 48 cab and front sheet metal is probably shorter then the cab and front sheet metal on the 91, so the flatbed is going to be as much as a foot longer then it was with the 91 bed.

              I don't know where you live, but those 91 Chevy trucks have an issue with the frames rotting out alongside of the gas tank. If your frame needs to be fixed, fix it, or in a couple years you will be mad at yourself for not doing it. You have to pull the tank to fix the frame, if your frame is bad, it might be a great time to shorten the frame between the tires, its easier to shorten them then it is to make them longer. Gene


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                Actually itís all getting boxed in from the cab back. It is solid near the gas tank but has a couple bad spots by the rear shackle. I widen the opening at the back of the cab so hopefully it should sit down on the frame fairly decent
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