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Dropping my floor?

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  • Dropping my floor?

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these trying times. I am lucky enough to work from home during all this and am getting a little extra time in the garage. My question in concerning the floor on my build. As you know I've chopped her 3" and I want to be able to have a decent seat bottom and not sit with my legs straight out. My floor is rotted out and has to be replaced so I'm thinking that when I build my frame I stay to the far outside of the cab and drop the floor down between the frame rails the depth of the frame rails...3.5 or 4". This will give me 3.5 or 4" of additional floor room / head room. Am I off base thinking this way? This is also posted under my build thread....hope it's allowed . Thanks

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    Couper, I did respond to this on your 40s Rat truck build thread, but something I've thought about since then, The cabs on these trucks are pretty tall. If you took out 3", that may not be enough to cause a problem. I think I would throw a piece of plywood in the cab, put your seat on the plywood and test fit the seat to see if there even is a problem.
    The narrow width of these cabs at the firewall could make for some pretty crowded floor space once your floor drop clears the inside of the frame, and also clears the edge of the now deeper, and possibly wider trans tunnel. Gene


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      So I did what you recommended..... stacked some 2x4's with a piece of plywood and I can get a standard full bottom bucket seat in there. Put my line of sight right in the middle of the windshield so I'm good. As far as footwell goes.... it's gona be narrow so I'm glad I'm not gona lose the extra 2 - 2.5" on the left side of the driver footwell. Started choping the passenger side door. Coming out good but it's for sure a PIA.
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        Happy to hear about your outcome with the floor and seat. The door looks good too.

        I've discovered over the years that everything to do with a car or a truck is a pita the 1st time. After that, it either gets better as we do it more, or it gets worse and the 2nd time is usually the last time, unless the 1st time was a real pita and there wasn't even a 2nd time. Gene