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How do you mount your body on frame with bags???

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  • How do you mount your body on frame with bags???

    I built this new frame, it's on bags, frame lays on ground.

    what height do you mount your body off ground (truck cab in my case) ???

    I have mine up about 2 Inches off ground so the doors open while moving it around.
    This made me wonder, how do you get out or open/close door if you blow air line or tanks empty(pump failure)????

    my fat ass ain't fitting through the window, at least not without bending it lol

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    Don't know much about the subject, but could one add pads at different locations on the bottom of the frame so the bodyline could completely cover the perimeter of the frame when it is resting on the ground?


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      Mine will lay frame too, I have the cab mounted a few inches off the ground... it's just how it came together for me [I didnt want to loose much head room as I'm over 6'3"]
      but I've also had that thought.... what about when you park next to a curb.... and wanna dump bags so it looks kool parked there... guess you gotta kick the passenger out first!
      My build thread:


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        I guess a guy would want to pay pretty close attention to where he parked if he intends to lay it on the frame. With that in mind, I'd probably build it with an inch or 2 of clearance under the doors with the frame on the ground.

        I had a static height truck (no air bags) with 4" of ground clearance. It didn't take very long before I really started to pay attention to what the road surface, and what driveway entrances looked like. I suspect after a few times of not being able to get out of the truck after dumping the air bags a guy would figure out how and where to park.

        The good news is if you can drop the truck to the frame, you should be able to lift it back up if you parked the the wrong place. Blowing a line or air bag would suck though. Your probably going to have to have it towed home then anyway, or fix it at the show. Gene