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32 ford braces/brackets for fiberglass running boards?

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  • 32 ford braces/brackets for fiberglass running boards?

    ....Hi I have a 32 ford 3w , boxed frame what braces/brackets can I buy to hold/support fiberglass running boards?...or do I have to make them?...thanks for any help ...Miller

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    Personally, I would make my own brackets for the running boards, but I'm sure one of those fancy aftermarket "32 Ford" stores will have something they would be happy to sell you for a very expensive price. I'm surprised the place that sold you the glass running boards doesn't offer the brackets.

    Is the boxed frame you have one of those many aftermarket frames, or is it something home brewed? Does the frame manufacturer offer running board brackets? Gene


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      Gene thanks for the reply,...the frame I think is a speedway motors and it was boxed by them, for the running boards there from Outlaw performance,...I did not get them from the company I got them from a man who was not going to use them....... and I can not see any braces or brackets on their web site that will work with the boxed frame......question on a 32 ford 3w do the running boards mount on the bottom of the box frame?.. if this is correct then my problem is a easy fix...miller


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        To be honest, I don't look at many 32 Fords, but I suspect the running boards probably do not attach to the bottom of the frame. If I remember correctly, the boards have a curved top, which would indicate the board brackets probably originally bolted onto the vertical surface. You may have to weld the brackets onto your frame. Its also entirely possible the Outlaw running boards do not mount anything like the original Henry boards mounted. Gene


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 made some good points to look into. I will have to take a close look at how the ones I have fit the frame and fenders.. thanks miller