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  • Halloween decorating

    I've been thinking about using some of my unfinished projects for decorations at the house during Halloween. Was thinking of putting a full size skeleton leaning an arm out the window of my 64 wagon, and putting spider webs and stuff inside it. Maybe some red lights on the inside.Has anyone tried this or have any ideas.

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    Ha. Makes me think of that scene in Hollywood Knights where the arm was hanging out the back of the El Camino tunnel cover! LOL.

    If you do the skeleton, hook up a smoke machine fill the car up with smoke. That'd be creepy cool. 1930 Chevy truck build link:


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      Alright so I liked the smoke idea so much I did it! Also we've got spider webs inside and the arm in the hood. Haven't gone into town yet to buy a skeleton but will post another pic at night when it's got the red lights and the smoke going. Also kids did most everything and loved it!


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        So skeletons were too damn expensive picked up jack for 20 bucks and with a 4 dollar bag of pillow stuffing he looks good!