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    For what it's worth, thought I'd share an Interesting unlisted parts interchange for my 1930 Chevy 1 1/2 ton truck. I was looking to put new rear and front leaf springs and found no listings for either. The the original rear leaf springs and hangers had no bushings- bolts into metal spring hangers and shackle hangers. Worn out and oblong of course- some worse than others. On top of that the springs on the rear were a 13 leaf pack... + the overload pack!

    My life long friend turned me on to General Spring ( ) and though they have tons of stuff made in the US, no listing for me. BUT- springs of the exact dimensional match for the rear happen to be from a 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler- letting me keep the axle in the same position in the frame while using the same hanger positions. I'm fabbing my own front of the rear hangers. For the rear shackle hangers I'm adapting a front axle main eye hanger from the same year range Jeep Wrangler.

    My front axle is actually the same one as they put in regular pick ups and passenger cars. (How that happened I have to clue but luck for me on the disc brake conversion.) Those springs are gone as well. General Spring to the rescue again with front leaf springs listed for a 1939-1946 Chevy truck- again the very same dimensional match to the '30. 1930 Chevy truck build link:

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    Actually, if you think of all the manufacturers that have used leaf springs through out the years, there are only a limited number of options for leaf spring options. Most automotive companies didn't have the ability to form their own springs, so they probably got them from a limited number of sources. When the manufacturers decided to use a leaf spring, they looked at what was available, and chose a size to build from.

    Providing us with a source that has a lot of leaf spring dimensions listed will help a bunch! With the listed options, we can identify which springs we need, and we know someone is still making the main leafs in the configuration we need. After the main leaf, the other leafs are just add ons with the proper size center hole diameter, width, and thickness, that can be cut to the needed length on both or either end. There are plenty of add on leafs available, the listed web site tells us how many add on leafs we need.

    That is a pretty neat web site. Thank You Old Stuff for posting it. Gene