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Quarter elliptical spring question

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  • Quarter elliptical spring question

    I have been going back and forth between a static suspension and air bags. My initial idea was 1/4 elliptical springs but have some questions. First off does it matter if the spring is mounted on the top of the axle or the bottom? I see some people running shackles and others say it is a no no. To me it seems like it would introduce side to side movement. Does anyone know if the spring rates would handle a cummins 6bt? And lastly if I run upper bars at a 20 degree angle or so will this triangulate the front suspension enough to not need a panhard bar?

    I am basing my design off of the setup in Street Rodder
    Click image for larger version

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    friend of mine did this set up on his "speedster" (front and rear), i think he saw the same mag you did.
    works fine with a 302 gmc i6, but not sure if it would handle the weight of the cummins.
    we helped him with the triangulation (actually using the leaf springs for rod ends, cut the ends off his leafs, and welded them to 2x2 tubing) and it does great without a panhard bar.
    he runs with shackles. never done it without them, but it does look like a harder set-up if you don't use them.
    just looking at that picture, it seems you would change caster angle without shakles as it moves up and down.
    leroy only logs about 100 miles a year on that car, but he says it drives and handles just fine.