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1939 thru 1941 Plymouth/Dodge

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  • 1939 thru 1941 Plymouth/Dodge

    Looking for a cab for a 1939 thru 1941 Plymouth
    or Dodge pickup.

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    Where in the SW are you located? There are several listed on Facebook market place that are local to me here.

    Why are you stopping at a 41? 46-48 are pretty much the same with the Dodge or Plymouth cars and the 39-47 Dodge trucks are all pretty much the same. Gene


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      Hello Gene,
      I'm not a facebook fan. Never signed up. I'm located
      in Alien land. Wasn't limited to 39-41 as I know Dodge
      cabs of 46-47 are pretty much identical. If I could
      ask you to post what info you found on fscebook,
      that would be great! Thanks for your response.


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        Facebook stuff comes and goes pretty quickly sometimes. Most stuff listed on FB only has FB contact info, a person connects directly with the seller. I joined FB just for the market place. I sold my 39 Dodge pickup through there. I don't get involved with much other BS from there.
        Like all places, you have to wade through all the other for sale vehicles to find what your looking for, you can limit what your search, but you still get a bunch of off topic stuff. Gene