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southern illionois parts yard

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  • southern illionois parts yard

    Markham Auto located in Albion IL. (618-446-3293)

    I remember going past this place as a kid, seeing all the old cars sitting there with weeds and grass growed up past the fenders. Dad and I stopped there on the way back from follies since i heard that it was reopened. i guess that it opened in the 60's ran thru the 80's and was closed til about 6 mo ago. after talking with the lady there found out there are 9 buildings there with parts. one building is full of new old stock (body panles still in the boxes) for the 80's. found out thre is a 38 car there, that is the oldest one..... i want to go back some time with a camera just to get few pics of what is there.

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    hey that is exciting and close to home for me .. i hope you get pics soon would like to know more about what they have . thanks for the info !!