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Rat Rod Rover!!!!!

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  • Rat Rod Rover!!!!!

    the rolling chassis will be delivered tomorrow. going to be a rebody.

    here are the pics i've got.

    series 3 swb landrover, been offered all sorts but held out for a leaf sprung chassis which i thought more in keeping.

    complete with v5c(vehicle papers) etc.

    going to be a pick up, with a very short bed or maybe a metal trunk if i can find one at not a silly price!!!!

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    hassis delivered today, in far better condition than expected.

    repair needed on n/s chassis rail on inside and bottom. think it'll be a tad easier to repair than the 2cv!!!

    heres a few pics, battery was placed on there to show some progress!!!! lol


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      room for lowering?

      repairs needed on n/s chassis rail inside and underneath.


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        i spent some of the afternoon(after work) dismantling the chassis.

        axles and springs!!!!

        and chassis, seperated. its a heavy old bugger to move on ya own!!!!

        little bit of chassis rot!!!!

        and more!!!

        hole near rear spring hanger.

        and the only other bit i could find.

        steel ready to start repairs.

        got a free wheeling hub on one side.

        and this on other!!!!! got a replacement on the way, think i might need to renew bearings as well!!!!!


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          a bit of rust.


          clean inside.

          not pretty but does the job.

          just a small repair on other side then one near rear shackle mount.


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            bit more progress, this is not a mega money build, so after welding(forgot pics of rear spring hanger repair, but it got ratrher involved!!!) i started cleaning chassis up, and out came paint and brush. had 2 tins on the shelf so thought why not.


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              got the chassis turned over, cleaned up area to be welded, found another bad repair near rear so cleaned that off.
              welded 75% of that then ran outa wire!!! bumhats.


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                this has progressed alot!!!!

                homebuilt body, made with a few hand tools, welder grinder etc.

                more work to be done on door skin, but getting there.


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                  once you had the frame repaired, the skill level had to increase with rusty steel. you kept going on the throw aways of many.


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                    put some primer on door to protect it.

                    also think i'll continue metal trim along cowl side.