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    Have massive fun and take many pics! 1930 Chevy truck build link:


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      I'm supposed to go pick up my uncle at 8 to go get the fire truck.
      its b4 am now... I've been laying in bad awake since 430...
      I'm excited, couldn't sleep!!

      Going through things in my mind..
      Got 5, 5 gal Jerry cans ready.
      Bring some tools, grease gun.
      Thinkin I'll change the oil and grease the chassis b4 the 2.5 hr trip starts.
      I need to pick up a new rad cap, as I noticed during my previous inspection the rubbers are all missing.
      bring a pail of water, just incase.

      Oh boy!!

      I'll keep you folks posted, if your on Twitter follow me along on the journey as well. 😎😎😎
      My build thread:


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        I made it......

        Changed oil, I wanted to before the trip because I didnt like that it was waaay over full... figgured it was diluted with gas.
        Greased the entire chassis
        Checked fluid levels.... 5 sp trans was a gallon and a half low!
        Good thing I checked.
        Drove it 800 yards to a service station to air up a low rire....
        Puddle of trans fluid under already.....
        oh boy... I still got 149 miles to go...
        Leak didnt get any better after the first few fuel ups... were re filling the tiny 9 gal tank every 30 miles or so.
        Found the trans had a plastic cap plug in a open pipe threaded hole close to the top... the cap plug had a hole in it...
        put a bag around the plug, jammed it back in.. solved the problem for 130 miles... then the plug popped out, I all of a sudden could smell gear oil.
        grabbed a stick from the Bush whittled it to fit, got us home.
        There is a bad air leak in the rear brake circuit, not bad but a third of the way the air dryer dump valve decided to stick a bit, so the compressor could barely keep up.
        So, pulled that apart, seals were just as bit dirty, after cleaning and greasing, that started to work again.

        The gearing is a bit low.... the engine must be governed at 3000 rpm and that would give me 100 km/hr MAX on flat ground.
        so, i pretty much had the 534 MATTED the WHOLE trip
        I figure 3 mpg.

        It was a really fun experience

        My build thread:


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          More pics
          My build thread:


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            Anxiously waiting to hear how many time you ran out of gas. Gene


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              Actually I ran it untill it sputtered a bit once... but promptly pulled over for a refill.
              [had 5 full Jerry cans in the chase truck]
              So, that was it, rhe engine never died for the whole trip without me commanding it to!
              My build thread:


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                Sounds like a legit Roadkill episode! Looks like your boys are going to have tons of fun with it! Enjoy the adventure!
       1930 Chevy truck build link: