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    Have massive fun and take many pics! 1930 Chevy truck build link:


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      I'm supposed to go pick up my uncle at 8 to go get the fire truck.
      its b4 am now... I've been laying in bad awake since 430...
      I'm excited, couldn't sleep!!

      Going through things in my mind..
      Got 5, 5 gal Jerry cans ready.
      Bring some tools, grease gun.
      Thinkin I'll change the oil and grease the chassis b4 the 2.5 hr trip starts.
      I need to pick up a new rad cap, as I noticed during my previous inspection the rubbers are all missing.
      bring a pail of water, just incase.

      Oh boy!!

      I'll keep you folks posted, if your on Twitter follow me along on the journey as well. 😎😎😎
      My build thread:


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        I made it......

        Changed oil, I wanted to before the trip because I didnt like that it was waaay over full... figgured it was diluted with gas.
        Greased the entire chassis
        Checked fluid levels.... 5 sp trans was a gallon and a half low!
        Good thing I checked.
        Drove it 800 yards to a service station to air up a low rire....
        Puddle of trans fluid under already.....
        oh boy... I still got 149 miles to go...
        Leak didnt get any better after the first few fuel ups... were re filling the tiny 9 gal tank every 30 miles or so.
        Found the trans had a plastic cap plug in a open pipe threaded hole close to the top... the cap plug had a hole in it...
        put a bag around the plug, jammed it back in.. solved the problem for 130 miles... then the plug popped out, I all of a sudden could smell gear oil.
        grabbed a stick from the Bush whittled it to fit, got us home.
        There is a bad air leak in the rear brake circuit, not bad but a third of the way the air dryer dump valve decided to stick a bit, so the compressor could barely keep up.
        So, pulled that apart, seals were just as bit dirty, after cleaning and greasing, that started to work again.

        The gearing is a bit low.... the engine must be governed at 3000 rpm and that would give me 100 km/hr MAX on flat ground.
        so, i pretty much had the 534 MATTED the WHOLE trip
        I figure 3 mpg.

        It was a really fun experience

        My build thread:


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          More pics
          My build thread:


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            Anxiously waiting to hear how many time you ran out of gas. Gene


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              Actually I ran it untill it sputtered a bit once... but promptly pulled over for a refill.
              [had 5 full Jerry cans in the chase truck]
              So, that was it, rhe engine never died for the whole trip without me commanding it to!
              My build thread:


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                Sounds like a legit Roadkill episode! Looks like your boys are going to have tons of fun with it! Enjoy the adventure!
       1930 Chevy truck build link:


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                  Harvest is fully underway... I really wish I had the service truck built.... next year... next year...

                  Been thinking fuel injection folks...
                  Anyone have any recommendations or experience?

                  If its gonna be a reliable service truck I want it to start and run at a moment's notice... it doesn't wanna idle nice for a min or two (but probably really needs a tune up)

                  When your neighbor needs a long assed ladder to fix a lid at the top of their wet bin you RIP the old fire truck over to give them a hand...
                  first time anyone was at the top of the ladder since I got it... there is a intercom system... I thought what are the chances it works....... well I'll be f***** if I turned the knob and a red light came on.... and I could hear my neighbor at the top of the ladder!! I hit the push to talk button... he could hear me!!
                  we had a good laugh at that. 😁😁

                  Anyway... got side tracked...

                  Fuel injection on a early 70 Ford 534ci

                  Thanks folks!
                  My build thread:


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                    I suspect you are going to start wondering "how in the world have I gotten along without this rig" quiet often. LOL Super pic of the ladder in use and SUPER looking (early 50's?) truck!

                    I've had one personal talk with a guy who did the Holley Sniper system on his mid-80's Chevy 350 and said he loved it. I've been wondering about the FiTech system myself lately but haven't started inquiries about it so this topic will be extra interesting for me. For where you're at I can really really see the upgrade to fuel injection.

                    Hope you and the family are doing well x 2!
           1930 Chevy truck build link:


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                      The size of that big motor might limit your options on which fuel injection you can use. When the Holly first came out, they offered a big block version, but even the big block Ford available at that time was 70 CI smaller then yours. I suspect they probably can cover that by now, but who knows these days.
                      I haven't heard much about either system recently, but it seems the Fitech is pretty popular with the drag racers. That might not be such a good thing with what you want it for. Gene


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                        The 50's truck in the background is my neighbor's international. It's all original with mother nature's patina, it's a pretty sweet ride.
                        And in speaking to people I have heard dislike with the holly system... so that's why I'm looking into what people's experiences are.
                        and as for the size of my engine i think it will be fine, but i will most definitely verify b4 buying, but they can support like 1000hp so you think it would be fine for a 534 that tops out at 3 or 35 hundred rpm.

                        A gentleman on Twitter recommend
                        Its actually a company right here in Alberta, but they only supply systems for multi point injectors...
                        so... I have to make an intake....
                        But check out the website (its primitive but all the info is there)

                        Heres my neighbor's international.
                        My build thread: