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    All very nicely done. Great metal work on the brackets. My only concern would be losing a cap on the rear tires. I see them on the freeways here daily, and I know 2 guys that lost caps on left drivers side of their pickups. Beat the #^$*&!(#& from the fenders to the bumper.


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      Its taken a lot of work with the TAC to get this far.
      I have also been very open from day 1 and had them involved.
      Even then there have been dramas that I have previously mentioned in relation to the rims.


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        Caps litter the highway here in Australia as well and it would be a concern if it let go and grabbed the guards.
        The intention has always been to build as cheap as possible so when we came across this set of basically give away never fitted caps in Brisbane I took the chance.
        It has at least allowed me to finish the guards, check clearances etc

        The rear guards have been set slightly closer than the front as I think at some point in the future I will change from the 9R22.5 to the slightly smaller in dia 275R22.5 (the rear tyre width would than match the fronts 275R18)


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          Radiator mounted
          Water leaks, new caps, old caps, overflow tank not big enough, in the end the overflow tank has been ditched

          Pedals mounted
          First test with the clutch

          Cab insulation, rear interior panels, seat belts fitted

          Rear window, windscreen fitted

          Fuse holder mounted, wiring almost complete
          The current alternator/regulator combination won't switch what I had originally planned for an ignition light - now changed to an oil pressure light
          Still missing a nut from a an early Lucas lamp - 3/16" 40tpi (a model engineers thread).....the pom's..... luckily Peter Olds has a tap and is willing to make one for me
          I have found out that 2 pack paint doubles as an insulator

          Front of the gearbox leaking so went to remove the bottom bell housing cover only to find that I had hidden wires through the bolt entry point is the cross member
          Rerouting of the Eaton 2 speed wiring - re sealed the lower gearbox mounting bolts - gearbox still leaking.....f@##@#@#@#..#$3@$#...

          Attempted to fit the heavy cardboard hood lining, 3 hours of frustration to finally cut to much from a corner ........F@#$FF#@#@#$%..... time to leave teh shed
          Anyone that may have a solution for bending flat cardboard into a spherical shape I'm interested in any help
          A replacement has been sent from the US

          Cab mounted to the chassis
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            More photos
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              Currently trouble shooting, and waiting for final inspection
              Test runs up and down the yard have been a feature of the last few Sunday afternoons

              Hood lining and cover strips
              Vertical cover strips adjacent to the windscreen
              Saddle bags for the underfloor cavity created by the channel
              Mats for the floor (patterns made)
              Insulation on the leading area of the foot well/firewall

              In the last few weeks it's been hard to wipe the smile from my face when standing in the shed

              Thanks to all that have helped over the last three and half years with advice, ideas, support, specific tools and finding those missing parts.
              Special thanks to Di for without her support I would never have got this far.
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                I hope that next time it'll be on the street..........
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                  So the RTA will be fine with the rear screen? They wont be all concerned with you getting some thing in your eye or your cigarette buts being sucked out and heaven knows it may cause an explosion around your fuel tank? Or....... Perhaps you've eliminated an exit to your vehicle in the event of an accident lol (But wait officer; Ive also eliminated the potential of broken glass being airborne in the event of said accident also?!) :D

                  Nah, Joking aside. Looks like it'll turn heads for sure Man. Solid build.



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                    Truck passed final inspection with the TAC last Saturday
                    Full LH10 rego last Monday
                    Have had a few drives this week late at night trying to sort out some issues with engine temp
                    Removed the thermostat, the ducting under the radiator also doesn't seem to be helping - turbulence or wind shear - unsure

                    Bum end also travelling further than expected especially under acceleration/braking (diff wants to rotate lessening the clearance between tailshaft and chassis)
                    Considering adding additional links adjacent to the rear springs + some form of stop

                    Experimenting with tyre pressures as well as the duals want to overdrive the front.
                    Its a handful


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                      It's been awhile since any activity, but I'm gonna shoot this question to you and hope it makes it all the way there from South Texas!! How did you mount that original horn button to an aftermarket steering wheel?? I have the same wheel and button and that looks awesome, so I thought maybe I'd copy it from you!!!


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                        Not too hard to mount.
                        Cut a small adaptor plate out of 6mm (1/4") aluminium to the shape of button
                        Sanded the areas adjacent to the spokes to get it to fit flat
                        Polished the edges

                        The adaptor has three countersunk holes for mounting the adaptor + wheel to the steering boss
                        It also has three small slots to pick up the tags at the back of the horn button
                        The horn button is a press fit to the adaptor plate

                        Trial and error with the press fit.
                        As you can see in the one photo there are two adaptors - only one is used (the other was from me not correctly aligning the wheel at initial setup as I don't have a spline - I opted to scotch key my steering boss to the shortened shaft)

                        Hope this helps
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                          That's awesome, now I'm gonna go make an adapter like that to put that horn button on my 55 gasser/rat/traditional build!!! Thanks for your insight/input!! Love that truck by the way, its a great build!! Are you rolling down the road ?? I hope so, cuz that's a nice ride!!!


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                            pretty sweet