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Come on Aussies, c'mon,c'mon!

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  • Come on Aussies, c'mon,c'mon!

    Okay, this chapter needs to be kicked off, so here's my pile of pieces! This is a pocket money build, so it won't be quick.
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    Some more from the earlier days when I had more time(Pre Kids!)
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      Now these are current, well this year. Stopped working on it again around August :-(
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        Looking pretty good, is there much in the way of early ford parts sitting in the grass like that over in OZ?


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          It's hard to make out from the photos what you're doing. So it's a 5W coupe-ute that has had the tub removed and you're using the rear section of an earlier pick-up cab ('28?) to replace the cutaway rear section of the 5W?
          And I assume replacing the long gone tub with a tray?

          Depends where you look Hammersmith, country Victoria has quite alot of rusty gold just
          waiting to find a home.
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            Sorry guys, I should have put more info up, but didn't think there would have been much interest in it. Yes, it started life as a 40 Ford ute. The rear 1/4's were removed some years before I clapped eyes on it. Even after I first saw it, it took another couple of year to get it into my possession. Originally the price was $1500, which I deemed to be too much, so I walked away. However, I didn't forget about it, even buying parts at swap meets for it " just in case" I could get hold of it. So I eventually got it for $150! I nabbed the Jailbar cab from the same yard, for $50. The plan is to blend them together to make a fake US style pick up. You may have noticed that there is a shooting hatch on the LHS of the Jailbar cab, it's staying!
            The driveline is all budget, Holden 6, Toyota 5 speed, Holden diff, Torana front end, Hi Lux bench seat etc.
            All as I can afford to do it.
            Hammer smith, there is still old tin around, you just have to drive a bit further to find it and not be too fussy :-)



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              Aussie, Aussie Aussie...oi oi oi.

              Sorry, just had to hahaha

              I'm over on the Left Coast. Good to see you guys kick things off.
              I'll get some pics sorted soon.

              I got in the works 48 Chevy Truck converted to low pickup and a 57 Chevy converted to rooster tail mud flinger


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                Fark yeah, An Aussie chapter.