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48 willys.....project 4Low

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  • 48 willys.....project 4Low

    Well, here it is, my build thread. As the title says its a 48 willys pickup, that im giving the name project 4Low. I did some trade work for my dad who had this thing sitting in the shop for years. He had plans for it but the plans changed and I talked him out of it so I could start my favorite rat rod platform. It was basically stock when I got it minus the flat six motor that was in it. I've been working on this thing for a couple months now when I have time. Its coming along but im no where near finished. For now my build cost budget was set for 2000 bucks. I may go over a few bucks but thats due to my stuborn keeping it 4 wheel drive will cost me a few more bucks.

    Well enough talking, on to the pictures.

    The day I brought it to its new home.

    mock up of the ride height.

    The start of the rear susension. I took the original leafs and brackets off the bottom of the frame. I then seperated the leafs and took a few packs out and reassembled them. I then made a place for the new/old brackets to weld up to on top. I also flipped the shackle to the opposite swing direction.

    For kicks I made a W for willys as a part of my gusset.

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    Verry unique, will be intresting too see the end. Keep up the good work!


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      I like that you are keeping it a 4 wheel drive, how is that going?


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        Originally posted by rustrods View Post
        I like that you are keeping it a 4 wheel drive, how is that going?
        Thanks! Talk about a pain in the behind to get all that to work. You have to take into account multiple things such as front pumpkin and where it sits, you then have to get the motor high enough and back far enough to clear any up travel as well as where the transfercase sits. You have to make a tunnel for that and worry about driveline angles and even if you can put a driveline in. Its quite a project but I think it will be well worth it for its unique feature.


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          Now for the front suspension work. I did basically the same theory as the rear. I took the stock front bracket and moved it to the rear which moved my shackle to the rear giving it a better ride quality. I then made a pocket for the front part of the spring to sit in. I also moved the springs outboard of the frame rails.

          I sourced out a 72 Jeep 258 inline six mated with a 3spd and a dana 20 transfercase. I am ditching the dana 20 in favor for a twin stick dana 18 with either a stick or electric overdrive. This is so I can get the rear output to be on the lower side of the case instead of out the middle which is up high. and more inside the cab which means more tunnel work then needed.

          I then tackled the floor and tunnel. The floorboards were swiss cheese so I couldnt leave them like that, since its just not safe. I ended up cutting the old tunnel and moving it up and back so I could hopefully put the sticks for the transmission and transfercase in the stock areas.

          Here are some random photos. I built a crossmember out of chain for the rear notches. its surprisingly rigid but took me hours to weld up lol

          Here is how it sits without a motor or bed.


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            Nice welds...


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              Hey FiveNDime

              You my attention. You are quiet the fabricator and very imaginative too. I hate seeing a complete truck tore up but at least it appears as tho most of the Willys Jeep is still sorta there (just moved around a bit). Congrats on how quick the project is coming together. I am starting my 3rd year this fall and my nightmare is only about 2/3done. Good luck on keeping the price under $2000.00. Mine started with a $550.00 dollar roller I bet I am at least 3 times that now and I dont even know if it runs yet. Oh yeah I have a stock stock stock 1960 Willys Jeep truck in my fleet. Love the way they look but thats where it ends. They are miserable to work on and NAPA sells nothing for them. Good luck and keep us in the loop.


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                Thanks guys! Its basically all willys but the motor and transmission. In all honesty I could go back to stock with a bunch of work. My goal was to keep it either All willys or willys with a little "newer jeep" parts mixed in. I was able to get a spool of free wire so I can wire it. I've almost wired all the components. I am super surprised that all the switches and electrical components worked. I wish they made new cars like these old ones.


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                  Lookin good. I really like it
                  Clutter is the evidence of life!



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                    as a Willys owner myself (53), I love it. great stance.


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                      thanks for the compliments. I finished wiring up the engine harness tonight. I have never done one with an external solenoid for the starter. It turned over though so I must have done something right lol. Hid all the wiring back in the tunnel so only 3 wires run in the engine bay area. All I have left is the fuel line to run then I'm pulling the motor to run brake lines and paint and undercoat the tunnel to keep it from rusting. Pics will follow!


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                        Been working on it a little more. I was staring at the pedals last night thinking I either fab up a set of swinging ones or I see if I can make my old set work. Well after a few hours of cut and bend and weld and bend and cut and well you get the idea, I had a set that I think will work. I now need a skinny gas pedal. Good thing I dont have fat feet or I may not be able to drive this thing. I also snaped a few more photos of the tunnel work which is now finished.

                        I never did put a pic up of why the tunnel is what it is. Here is where the motor sat.

                        Here is the passenger and drivers side looking at it from the engine bay.

                        Interior shots of the finished tunnel on drivers and passenger side.

                        This is how I ran my wire loom for the front lights and signals. I took a bunch of washers that had the correct inner diameter for some rubber grommets I wanted to use and then welded the washers in place. I then pulled all the wire throught. I have never seen it done like this so here is what my idea looks like.

                        Thats it for now. Back to work!


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                          More got done tonight. Spent quite a few hours, designing and building my clutch linkage. All was going well till I used it for the first time. I ended up having a super stiff clutch feel and I didnt like it at all. So I ended up studying the geometry of it a little bit and came up with a conclusion. I ended up moving my pivot points in two spots and wow what a huge difference. It was actually a little to light for my liking so I tightened it up with my rubber bushing I used in the linkage. Kinda hard to explain that so I will show the linkage at a later date, the bushing is also to eliminate vibrations that may transfer from the transmission to the pedal. Tomorrow will bring a different project!


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                            Project Update:

                            Well I havent been able to work on it much lately. The weekends before Christmas are usually filled with 4x4 snow trips, shopping, working, family, and general stuff that sucks my time away from working on it. I have done some work on it though. I wired up a turn signal switch which Im amazed that the old lights work. Got my high beam switch in and indicator light which also still worked. Fixed my drivers side mirror. I had a tach laying around that I had pulled off a vehicle I sold, so I wired that in. Got my set of gauges just to find out they were mechanical (stupid me for not paying attention) so I ordered new electrical ones. Reason for the switch to electrical is that I can plug the sender wires into the factory engine harness to make it look like a cleaner setup. I then worked on the door handles. Neither of them worked so I pulled them off to find both were broke but in different spots so I worked a couple hours to make one out of two and then grabbed one from my dads house. He had good ones laying around from a different project. I then worked on adjustments of the door. I got everything working good, doors lock up from the inside and open and close reasonably well. I now need to take the handle down to the locksmith and have him make a key so I can lock it up from the outside. Oh, Put my seat in too but I need to notch the tunnel about 1/2" in a very small spot, not bad for a guess at it. Located a set of axles for it. Not going to use the old ones due to the high cost in new brakes that I would need.
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                              now thats what i call AMBITIOUS!

                              Looks like one heck of a neverending fitment crisis to me! Hey when your done with that you can come start on a "Little" project at my place! jakflak
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