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'05 Harley Rat Project

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  • '05 Harley Rat Project

    So, beginning to rat out my '05 Harley Road King Custom.

    Have been customizing it over the years, today has all custom tins, wheels, just about everything else. Relatively old school, but I decided to go full rat on it. So current plans include;

    - Original tins cut down and paint aged or just a flat black
    - Original wheels powdercoated satin black and red (in to powdercoater now)
    - Stretched Nacelle with a junk yard hood ornament
    - WW2 Ammo Can saddle bags (sourced from local Army/Navy store for $40)
    - Side panels fabrication (I am thinking about finding an old wrecker or other with original toolbox or just some old toolboxes and fabing up the panels)
    - Early Harley handlebars (if I can find an original one somewhere)
    - Butterfly Air Cleaner - I have an old butterfly intake I want to mod and mount
    - Remote Oil Filter setup

    That's the basics so far, others to follow.

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    Have any pics?


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      Originally posted by Jewfro View Post
      Have any pics?
      I will take a few and post them soon.

      I have the bike back on the road now, but I am stuck on what to use for side panel covers. Everything I try ends up being either too big or too small. I may have to fabricate something specific. I will post a few pictures of things I am trying.

      I need to find a local fabricator to help me with the WW2 ammo can saddle bags. I dont have the right rig to make those modifications.


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        Finally a few pic's. Still a work in progress. Trying to decide upon side panels to cover the electronic, there are a few ideas here. And I found these WW2 ammo cans I may make into saddle bags. But I really like it without bags quite a bit. Still considering this as I can still hook up my tourpac when needed.


        Click image for larger version

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          05 Harley Rat Project

          That is my point as well. Just buy something else, not a Harley. Haha

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