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Need brake line help.

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  • Need brake line help.

    Looking for info on diameter of brake lines running from master cylinder to front and rear hoses/ tees. Using a manual only double cylinder. Disc front/ drum rear.

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    The master cylinder, and the "T" fittings will determine what size brake lines (and fitting ends) you will need. Sorry to sound so generic, but there are 3 different USA and at least 2 metric line diameters and at least 4 different line end sizes used between different year and models of master cylinders and then add in the 2 or 3 different styles of brake line fitting ends used, on just the Dodge stuff used over the years. Other manufacturers are in the same boat.
    Without knowing what year master cylinders and "T" fittings you have, and what manufacturers those parts came from, we don't stand much of a chance, and even if we knew the year and manufacturer, we could still be guessing what you need. Gene


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      Thanks, for the input. I figured it would be a mess!


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        I feel like I used 1/4" front and rear. Because I have 4 wheel disk.
        but there are tubing nuts that have different size holes for different size tubing.
        dont ever use copper tubing.
        Always practice your double flaring before getting to work on the final product. Also a little dab of oil on the double flare die I have found helps create that *perfect double flare.

        Typically the larger diameter tube goes to the front because disk brake calipers take a large volume of fluid to actuate, more so than drum brake slave cylinders.

        If you have the MC loose, just take in to your local auto parts store and get the fittings and tubing that fits.
        My build thread:


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          Thanks all for the info!!!