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My 1940 Dodge truck Build

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  • Is Gene ok?


    • Truck is coming along great! Love the frame work!!!
      peace ~ rg


      • Originally posted by Couper View Post
        Is Gene ok?
        I'm good.

        The guys at that other place are giving you better info then I can, they have more hands on experience with beam axles then I will ever have. When smarter people then me are speaking, I've learned to shut up and pay attention. Gene


        • Some of those guys really beat me down on this mock up jazz.... I can't possibly mock up everything. Between that and water damage I just got with this storm I'm a little demotavated. I'm glad your ok..... but I feel like I upset you,


          • No need to worry about upsetting me, I'm a tough old bird. LOL!

            Sometimes those guys get a little carried away, there are some really smart guys there, but there are also a lot of guys that think they are smart. I pretty much take everything they say in, then sort out what is useful to me, and what isn't, then ignore what isn't useful. If they ask questions that I think are relevant, I'll answer, other wise I'll let the question just sit. I've been there for almost 20 years, I've discovered its usually best not to argue with the rockheads. They tend to be pretty rough on new guys, don't let whatever they write bother you, think of them as a bunch of guys standing around in someone's garage shooting the BS. There is always one or two that talk a good game but don't have a clue what is going on, you nod your head, then tune them out. The guys that know will be helpful, it doesn't take long to figure out who they are.

            Did I miss something with the water damage and storm? Are you near the hurricane? I hope all is well there!

            Challenges come and go. Its been a rough couple of weeks around here.

            Every year for the last 28 years, our town puts on a Cruise Night where they shut down the down town area to regular traffic and block off a 10 block area with several parking lots inside, this years cruise was 8/14. For $10 a space you get a parking space for your ride in one of the lots from 4pm until 9 pm. Then around 7 pm, they start making laps around the blocked off area, like we used to drive back in the late 60s and early 70s. The night usual draws around 1200 cars parked in the lots, and an estimated crowd of 10,000 - 12,000 people. There is food venders, they have a burn out contest, a muffler wrapping contest and a live band. Since I was part of the car club that actually got this started, its a pretty big deal with our family. We usually gather at our house, and drive the 10 blocks to the downtown area with a group of 5-6 cars.

            This year, my son was going to meet us at our house with his modern Hemi powered 57 Dodge wagon. Just as he pulled into our driveway, his brakes failed! The rod that connects to the brake pedal and goes to the brake booster, broke. Fortunately, he wasn't going too fast, no one got hurt, and no other cars were involved. Unfortunately, the door post on the side of the overhead garage door is what stopped his car, but not before the car punched a hole through the garage door. We were able to patch up the brake pedal good enough for the night (the old dirt track experience paid off), and the car wasn't damaged too bad. We made it to the Cruise Night about a 1/2 hour after the gates first opened.

            The garage door still doesn't open and close, and I can not secure it. The insurance adjuster was here this last Monday 8/23, hopefully the construction guys can get started on it next week.

            Add to that, I thought the windshield on the 49 pickup was sealed, but its not, there is a pretty bad leak when it rains hard. We are going to see if the glass guy can get it sealed, but he is swamped right now. We may end up pulling the windshield, welding a 1" wide lip all around the frame and bonding the windshield in instead of trying to seal the rubber gasket. With the garage door wrecked, I can't even get the truck inside. Its been raining hard what seems like every day for the last couple of weeks. Before discovering the windshield leak (we were driving it someplace when we hit a hard rain, lots of water is coming into the cab), I was considering doing a little body work, that will definitely be waiting until spring now.... Sigh.

            I've also come to the conclusion that I need to lift the entire sheet metal off the frame another 2" on the 49. The tires rub when they are turned nearly all the way in either direction. The tires are rubbing against the inner fenders at the point the inner fenders are against the cab floor. Fortunately, that rub is when I hit bumps, and hits on the tread face of the tires. When I lift the body, I will need to modify the radiator support, raise the running boards, modify the panel above the rear bumper, and modify the gas fill tube. I have to drive this truck this winter, I sold off my old beater truck. I can't start until after the garage door is fixed. I'm very motivated, but I can't do anything!

            One thing I know for sure, these tough times won't last long. We just need to hang on long enough to get through them. Gene


            • I'm glad you wrote back....I really went to bed last night feeling terrible. You've helped me understand and think thru some many things and the last I wanted to do is upset you.

              Yah...I thought some of those guys were a bit rough on me. Some of what some say makes sense and others are just way out there. I have 2 son's...there both great kids and very helpful to me. Ones always careful as not to hurt my feelings and the other...well he's a tough crowd. He's no nonsense, has a great head on his shoulders for fabricating, building cars ect but he doesn't think twice to not say "Dad....what the **** you many times do i have to tell you" Arrggg, it's like role reversal....makes me feel like the kid.

              No I'm not near the hurricane, thank god....I'm in NJ. I live in West Milford which is northern most NJ near the Greenwood Lake NY State border. Lake area and very high water table. I can did down 12" and hit water. The ground does not perk well at all. My wife says we got 8 - 10" of water over a few hours. The water was rushing thru my back yard like a river. Due to what I have at the end (side) of my property....retaining wall, resin shed and I dumped about 4 yards of left over top soil along the fence line the water couldn't get off my property and was backing up. The water rose at the side of my house and the water level was over the sill (I'm on a slab). I had to bust holes in the rear wall of the shed to get the water to move. Needless to say the water came in. I had to remove 18" of sheet rock from that wall and found a wet sill, wet insulation & sheet rock. Turns out my sheathing has damage....nt from the rain but from the soil on that side of the house being built up a couple inches above the sill. I didn't know it because the damage was under the siding. And I never got water in because the water never got that high. I also have to replace some sheathing, I'll probally go up 18".

              This new hurricane is gona hit here on Wends so I've dug a 18" deep trench about 12" wide along the house and put a home depot bucket with holes in it on each end with a 40 gpm pump. If I can keep the water below the sill for this storm I'll be ok. Then I'll do a proper french drain. I'll have other drainage things to do as well but they can wait until spring. Needless to say no work on the truck all week.

              Sorry to hear about your sons car mishap.....glad no one was hurt, that's most important, but it still hurts. And sorry to hear about your windshield. I'm going to bond mine in...the hell with that gasket jazz for me.

              That 2" body lift sounds like a lot of work.... there's always something to do, fix or do again. Yep....just have to fight thru it. It sometimes gets tough but it's better doing what we do than the dirt nap or droowling on our shirt in a nursing home LOL. Hang in there my friend.

              On a good note, my Pete & Jakes front end parts came. I beam and all the goodies. Haven't looked at much yet though. The speedway stuff was 1500.00, this stuff was 3400.00 but I also got the vega steering box and some other goodies.

              Glad you wrote.... don't go nowhere I need you pal. Stay well, Talk soon


              • Originally posted by robber grin View Post
                Truck is coming along great! Love the frame work!!!
                Thank you!


                • Water damage fixed.... cut out 20ft of sheathing 20" high and ditto on the inside sheetrock. Turns out I had holes in my sheathing due to having the grade aprox 4" above the sill level. Rotted out the plywood over time. I would have never known since the damage was under the siding....couldn't see it. That all happened on Sunday and on Wends it hit again but I managed to keep the water out due to a temporary trench with a couple pumps. Now I have to work on some permanent drainage. Forty years here and never a drop of water in the house. So two weeks of this nonsense and no garage. Now that I've taken 5 minutes of your time which you'll never get back......

                  I've got a line on a few Hemi's 354's.... 2 that are rebuilt at around 8k and one that is in parts that has been bored 40 over, heads done, needs pistons, cam, valves ect at 2.5k. I need this motor to mock up / build my frame.

                  Do you know anyone here that has a 354 Hemi that can tell me the width of the frame rails at the motor mounts?



                  • I bought a motor today! Fresh build 331, Alum Heads and suposedly built with some of the best stuff. I pick it up in MD on Sat. The guy has all the receipts and I'll have them on Sat when I pick up. I know nutin about this stuff so my engine guy friend called and got the scoop on it and gave me the green light.

                    Pic of what I bought attached...
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                    • NICE! That is going to look great in that truck! Is that the extended block, or the short (standard by todays standards) block? What are you going to use for a trans?


                      • Hi Gene. Thanks! Its the short block. I was advised not to use the extended block. I'm gona run a GM automatic. Which ever the better / stronger trans is. I think a 400 but not sure. I can buy an adapter that will allow me to mount that trans. I bought an engine lift yesterday and will be set to get it off the truck and mock it up. I'm anxious to figure the frame rail width. I like the look of the frame rails set to a taper and I have a cross member that I bought from pete & jakes that's 25". I think that'll put the motor mount area at about 26 or so and about 35 exiting the rear of the cab. I feel like I'm making some progress! Stay Well Pal


                        • Hey Pal need you to put on your thinking cap. Some progress..... more questions lol. I loosely assembled my front end tonight, set the cross member on top and mocked up some 26" high plywood "tires". The cross member is about 4" above my engine rail. Couple pics below.

                          My spring set up is over the axle, not behind and this set up is not for suicide install.

                          I believe these are my options:

                          1) Raise the front Z (Z at the cab firewall) 4" but this will also raise my motor / drive shaft / tunnel ect up. Unless I can snuggle the motor down between those rails. I'll have that motor Saturday to set it in /mock it up.

                          2) Z or stack the engine rails in front of the motor / radiator. This will keep my motor low but might look like crap. I was hoping to taper the front edge of my rails like the blue frame below, that leaves out option 2

                          3) Weld in a plate shaped like a upside down "T" and weld the cross member to that. That keeps my motor mounts low and allows me to still taper the leading 12" of the rails like the blue truck

                          Any idea's or thoughts?

                          One more thing, you once asked how long my wheelbase will be......looks like somewhere around 125" if I can place this cross member just in front of my radiator

                          Thanks much pal

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                          • Thought this lousy drawing might help explain the upsidedown T
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                            • I have a good idea on the frame..... pie cut the frame at the firewall, tweek it up 2 inches. I think the motor weight will take care of the other 2. Definitly have to c notch the frame for the spring though.

                              So here she is.... 331 Vintage HEMI. Bored 60 over, 10:1 Pistons, ARP Studs, Rotating Assy Balanced, Isky Cam, Aluminum Hot Heads and other misc goodies. It's not sitting at the proper height...just rolled in on the engine stand. Builder says she's good for 600 HP??? That make sense to you? I yet have to get 2 carbs, distributor, starter, headers, pulleys an alternator, water cross over w thermostat housing and other small items. Of course suggestions welcome!

                              Time for bed... 10 hours of driving to pick her up today.
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                              • Sitting close to the right spot
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