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My 46 KB5 International build

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  • My 46 KB5 International build

    Okay , here goes. This build was started earlier this year, but things got real busy this summer and I haven't done much on the truck.
    Here is a quick rundown what I have done so far.
    My neighbor was cleaning up the junk in his pasture and gave me a 46 kb 1.5 ton flatbed. He also gave me an old Hobart welder. I'm in the welding business so I thought this would make cool welding rig. I was trying to think of something unusual to power this beast with and another neighbor joked he had a 453 Detroit that has been sitting for 30yrs and wanted to get rid of it. I jumped at it ,we fired that screamer up the next day after "massaging" the injectors with a can of wd40 and a hammer,loaded it up and headed home to build my Ratrig.
    Here some pics to date
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    Gotta go pick up a leaf spring,I'll be back with more pics today


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      picked up a dana61 rear diff out of 79 f250 ,made 8 hole to big 5 hole adaptors and used the original 20" duals
      Click image for larger version

Name:	S5034336.jpg
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        mock up with welding machine
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          Looking good, i'm gonna be watching this build.


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            thx, I'll try to keep at it


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              Not totally happy with the size of the welder,I'll be looking for a smaller one.
              Meanwhile I think a box would look right. Here's a mock up with a box visual and engine Click image for larger version

Name:	S5034536.jpg
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                one more option

                I'm toying with the idea of using the hood. It will have to be stretched of course. The look is kinda growing on me.Click image for larger version

Name:	S5034545.jpg
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                  By all means use the grill and hood!! Looks amazing so far! Keep up the awesome work.


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                    awesome just plain awesome, a cornbinder with a screamin jimmy for power. I can wait to see it finished.


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                      cool build I also say use the hood and grille i think it looks good on there


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                        Thanks guys. Yeah, looks like I may not be done with the metal massage. I'll have to make sure that engine will be under the hood when I fab up the frame.
                        I'm now trying to figure out how I'm going to do the front suspension and the cowl steering with those monster wheels and tires. bear with me ,this my first build.
                        I'm accepting any ideas or things to watch out for along the way.


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                          I would definitely brace the hood somehow. Thin sheet metal that stretched out would tend to get stressed and sag, and likely even crack at some point. The grill.. I would cut the flat faced area up close to the grill, and fabricate new sides that curved back like the upper part. It would give a more streamlined look in my humble opinion. Or, it could be tapered gradually down close to the wheels, which would give an early "Auto Union" racing car look. Like so...



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                            It probably wouldn't hurt to shorten the grill somewhat. Not being overly critical I hope, but the grill looks higher than the back of the hood. I realize it is probably just in the mocking up stage at the moment, so if that was going to be addressed later then disregard it. The angle the cab belt line is sitting at compared to the hood body line is throwing my eye off. I could be seeing things, digital cameras will distort images.
                            Last edited by Miguello; 10-19-2013, 09:46 PM.


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                              Yah, the hood will definetly have to be braced and I agree that the grill sides have to be reshaped. I still need to mount some kind of headlights also. I think we have the same eye on this. thx for the input Miguello