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  • REO Speedwagon brakes

    I'm building a 38 REO and the stuff older than the 60s is new to me. The wheel pattern is big ford and it has lug bolts instead of nuts. Im trying to figure out what spindles to use to get brakes i can get parts for and maybe chevy wheel pattern on it. Ive got an 8.5 f-body rear axle in it.

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    Lots of disc brake conversions out there that let you choose the wheel bolt pattern. I'd do a google search for "disc brake conversions" and check with any that show up to see if they have a kit for your REO, or would be willing to work with you to create one.

    The spindle size & diameter, and the king pin's length and diameter are the things that cause problems, but if the king pin measurements are closer to something else, maybe you can just swap the spindles on your axle for the spindles from a different axle that are more parts friendly.

    Another possibility is getting your hubs drilled and have studs pressed in for the bolt pattern you want, then maybe you can source rotors that will fit your hubs. Then you just need caliper mounting brackets that will bolt onto your spindles. I think it your case, you may probably be farther ahead to look towards a spindle exchange or a hub the fits your spindle along with the caliper brackets. Gene


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      Sounds like a plan. I was hoping some odd make historian would see my post and know if REO dug into some other makers parts bin and maybe know what might swap out.


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        Those are cool old trucks. Post up some pics so we can see what you're starting with! 1930 Chevy truck build link: