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    Can anyone help id this year I think its a 38 bit not sure
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    All I got is its before a 39. My Dodge pickup book shows the two glove box dash with 3 centered gauges as 36-37 like yours, the 38 dash had 2 glove boxes, but had 2 large gauge pods near the center with much more design features. The 35 had the 3 centered gauges, but no glove box at all, also a 35 would have been rear hinged doors.
    The front axle is likely a Ford or aftermarket, the original Dodge would have had parallel leaf springs.

    All that said, if you have a title, it could have been titled as a 38, it was not unusual for stated to title cars and trucks as being the year they were sold and a 37 could have easily been sold after the 38s had started production.Gene


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      Thanks Gene yes the chassis is aftermarket an only got a bill of sale but they thought it was a mid 30s thanks for the info again


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        Is there a serial tag number on it on one of the front door pillars or maybe the center of the firewall?
        Is getting a title from a bill of sale a big issue where you live? Around here if there are no numbers on it, getting a title is a royal pain in the butt, even with a bill of sale. Gene


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          It is a late 35 or 36,early 35s had suicide doors. 37 and 38 had a slight arch in the top of the windshield.