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1937 ford rat truck

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  • 1937 ford rat truck

    Hi all, its been awhile since I posted. I am building my first rat. I have a 1937 ford truck cab, a fresh 460 bbt, a 1940 Chevy bed, and a 9 rearend. A local guy has all the front end parts for me. I need a frame. As I am a welder/fabricator by trade, I want to build my own frame. Does anyone have any good drawings they would be willing to send me or sell me?
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    So, I have lots of questions.
    You say you have all the front end stuff, so does that mean you have a front cross member as well? You didn't tell us what style of front end your putting under it. Is it going to be a single leaf, coil springs, parallel leaf springs, independent front suspension, air bagged, kit, clip, or maybe a 4x4?
    What are you using for rear suspension?
    Plan on laying frame?
    Long wheel base or short?
    How big are your tires/wheels?

    A simple ladder frame with or without kick ups at either, or both ends is the easiest frame to build. With the 460, I wouldn't use anything less then 1/8" wall 2" x 4" tube, and I might even want to go with 3/16" wall tubing, depending on how heavy the truck will be. most of this stuff has to be decided before you buy material.

    If your really unsure, set everything on the garage floor in the place you want it, and start drawing chalk lines on the floor. Once you get everything where you think you want it, go pickup a few sticks of 2" x 4" lumber and some nails, and cut it up and nail it together (cross members and all). its lots cheaper to cut up wood and cardboard then it is to cut up steel. Once you get that figured out, you can measure how much steel you need and you have the pattern all laid out to cut the steel and start welding it up. Gene


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      And throw in a few pics of the truck also! 1930 Chevy truck build link:


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        I bought plans off eBay for $25. Sent them to me in a CD. Took all the guess work out of it for me for the most part. A few changes will be made but all in all, $25 and I went down and bought the steel.