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    I did a lot of buying, selling, and swapping in my younger years. When I started, I'd bought a house with no garage. I was buying cars, and parting them on the street in front of my house. I had 3 days to get the good stuff off of them once I started because I had to get rid of whatever was left, before the police showed up at my door. I'd take the good stuff off, and what didn't sell that I knew eventually would, I kept on my back porch. I had an arrangement with a local junk yard that when I called them, they would pick it up that day. After a few years, my wife only wanted to know where I thought I was going to put the extra parts when I bought a car to part out. I ended up renting a 6 car garage until I bought a place in the country. Positive cash flow is a good thing!

    It was a time in my life when I always had money! I sure miss those days (of having money) now that I'm retired. These days, instead of hustling to make a living, I get a check deposited once a month. It takes a little getting used to. Gene