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Sport Coupe turned Roadster

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  • Sport Coupe turned Roadster

    I picked up a Model A Sport Coupe body in June while at the Knuckle Scrapers BBQ/rat rod run up in Palouse Washington. Someone was kind enough to cut the tops of the doors off and all of the roof bows off somewhere in its life so I wouldn't have to. So roadster it is. Here is getting it out of the barn and loading it to go home.

    Oops, killed a deer on the way home with my buddies Tundra, no worries though, the Model A made it through just fine

    Finally got it to Boise after wrecking the truck half way home taking out the radiator and fan deaming it undrivable. Let the brainstorming begin.
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    a little progress

    After digging into the body, I decided that it would need new subrails to hold it all together, so I ordered some from Brookville roadster. While waiting for them to arrive I tore the body apart and started cleaned and ironing out sheetmetal. The new subrails arrived and reassembly started.

    I had a bench made to build the body on so that it would be flat and square and a good work height, and I will use it to build the frame on when the body is farther along.

    Then I put the windshield posts back on and started the door posts and quarter panels

    Got both quarters on, and mocked it all back together to gather ideas for what to cut to make it better.
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      started cutting

      my wife got me a sawzall for our anniversary, pretty sure I know where to use that. I decided to raise the wheel well in the body so the car can sit nice and low, but the tire will fit in the well rather than above it like most A's you see with a deep channel job. so I started cutting. . .

      Moved wheel well three inches up. That is about as far as I could go and not mess with the body line. I used wheel well patch panels so that I could eliminate the rust but retain the "peace sign" in the wheel well

      In primer

      I then remembered that if it sits nice and low, I need room for my 9inch
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        more cutting

        After one quarter was pretty much done, I moved my attention to the door. The previous owner had just cut the tops of the coupe doors off level with the window hole and welded a little cap over the holes. The doors were about 2 inches taller than the quarter panels and still had a slot in the top for roll up windows. So I decided to cut them down farther and weld a solid cap on them. Cut open. . .

        Cap welded on. . .

        Moving on to the windshield posts. Too tall, too vertical. I cut 5 inches out of the top and laid them back about 8 degrees. I then built a new header to hold the windshield frame.

        I hope to get to work on it some over the holidays. I got an itch to start the frame but want the body dialed in first.
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          It looks like your off to a great start.Keep us posted with pics along the way.
          Time flys and airplanes crash...


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            We Love Pics!!!

            Great work so far!!!!!

            Keep us posted. It's always a thrill to watch a new car go together!!!!
            Rust Ranchers C.C.:cool:


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              nice work!
              looks like your off to a good start.
              makin you own frame?
              what are your plans for the car..
              do tel:D
              Praise the LOWERED, and pass the PRIMER GUN.


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                Keep it up! Good project. Hope your buddy wasnt too pissed about the deer


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                  So the holidays didn't give as much time to work on it as I had hoped, but I did get some stuff done. I got the body work done and primer sprayed on the inner right door and the door/windshield posts. I got the bearclaw latch installed on the driver door today

                  Now I am going to start the driver side door post to make it look like the passengers which includes installing the striker plate on the post and a piece of 1.25 diameter tube to the inside of the post to box it in and smooth it out.




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                    Plans for the car. . .
                    Well I am going to build my own frame out of 2x4 box tube and channel the body 3 inches over it; 390 Ford big block (anybody got an aluminum intake for and FE Ford?) with a C6 tranny and a 2500 stall converter; 9 inch rear with triangulated 4 link; 4 inch drop front axle with a quarter elliptic setup and hairpins; stock grille shell (filled and smoothed of course); steelies with rings and dirt-track Firestones; bomber seats, and drive the crap out of it.
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                      where in boise do you live, id love to check this out. Our shop is in garden city off of 41st and chinden.


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                        Got some more work done on it these last few days. I decided to french in the taillights rather than just mount them on the surface of the back panel. I already had the '48 Ford lights, so I built some cups for them and welded them in.

                        I also reworked the top of the passenger door to blend with the dash better, and did the bodywork on the outside of door as well. I also fixed the dents and holes in the gas tank and upperfirewall as well, and got it in primer. Now I need to patch the rust in the lower filler panels below the tank, smooth and recess the firewall, fix the large hole somebody cut in the dash, and then do the driver door and quarter panel. Hopefully all of this will happen in the near future so I can push the body to the side and start the frame. Too bad my rearend and tranny are somewhere under 5 feet of snow at my dad's place. . .


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                          Very cool build thread.You arent waisting any time.On the fab work.Could you take some pics of the bare metal stuff before you prime it.Like the B pillars.Trying to get some ideas,But they display better in bare metal.


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                            Great workmanship! Keep the pics coming!
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                              So it's been pretty cold in the garage, so I used my frame as an excuse to brush up on my SolidWorks skills. I drew it all out to see if it would work the way I have it built in my head. I can do my trial and error on the computer and not by wasting steel. This should hopefully cut down my fab time since I will have a pretty good blueprint to build off of. I will modify the front crossmember and spring mount for radiator clearance after I get a radiator to measure, and add spindles and steering next to make sure the axle is far enough forward of the crossmember.