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'27 roadster with force fed 4 build has begun.

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  • '27 roadster with force fed 4 build has begun.

    Here it is when I first layed my eyes on it sittin' in the guys garage.........................

    The story is the PO's great uncle bought it new in '27 to use as a work truck around his Central Valley ranch. Great uncle abused it for 10 years until it finally died somewhere in his south 40. There it sat for the next 60 years, or so. During that time a small tree began to grow underneath it, eventually carrying the RPU with it. Fast forward to 2007 when the nephew (guy I bought it from) ventured onto great uncles ranch and spotted it 10' off the ground resting in the tree! He pulled out the chainsaw, rescued it and brought it home fully intending to build a hot rod. After 2 years of it taking up space in the garage, wifey laid down the law and onto Craigslist it went. That's when I came along. Loaded it up and brought it home. He was asking $1200. I got him down to $800. Sold off everything in the U-Haul trailer for $665. Total investment.............$135!

    Offloaded it and set it in the backyard behind my toolshed for the next year while I hunted down parts.

    Got all my other projects outta the way, cleaned up the garage and brought the roadster in today. Spent the majority of the day disassembling the body. My first time delving into an 80 year old car. This is gonna be a long, slow project! One thing I learned, when it comes to rivetheads, a 1/4" die grinder is your friend. They definitely don't build todays cars like they did back then!

    Still have to disassemble the turtle deck. Then I need to build a 4' square box and fill it with a molasses/water mix, submerge all the panels for about 2 weeks and I should come out with rust free sheetmetal.
    Also, the rear half of the subframe rails are bent, mangled and cracked. I'll have to fab some new ones. I'm almost done with my welding class at the local JC. Gotta get me a MIG!
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    Was able to trade the RPU pickup bed straight across for this turtle deck, a Chevy rearend, aftermarket windshield posts and a bunch of other junk. Was able to sell the rearend and other stuff for $200 and I got to keep the turtle deck and windshield stanchions! Disassembled the turtle deck today. Looks like there's a bit of metalwork in my future! Also got half the molasses box built. I'll finish it this week. I'll give a full report of the procedure and results when it's all said and done.

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      Got the molasses box finished. Money is pretty much non-existent right now so I'm trying to do everything as cheaply as possible. Hey, that's what this site's all about, right! I used 2x4's and OSB I saved from another project that I dismantled and built a 4'x4'x3' box.

      I confiscated an old pond liner from a pond in our backyard (wife was not pleased)! I powerwashed 15 years of mud and slime off it and installed it in the box.

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        Proof positive a complete '27 Model T roadster will fit inside a 4'x4' box, with turtle deck!

        20 gallons of feed grade molasses and a whole bunch of water.

        Entire car completely submerged in a 7:1 molasses/water mix. Check back on christmas morning to see what happens!

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          ok... educate me on the molasses.... Im always learning something on here...


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            oh wow cant wait to see how this works out


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              Yeehaw ! Looks like yer brewin' up a batch of Kickapoo Joy Juice !!
              My buddy used molasses and vinegar together and it did an amazing job, parts came out looking like new, pretty much as good as stuff I paid a fortune to have chemically stipped years ago by Redi-strip. You just have to be patient, it also helps to keep it warm as it speeds up the process a bit.
              Looking forward to the results !


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                Yeah, it's an ol' skool method of rust removal. Dirt cheap but the tradeoff is, it takes awhile. I figure 2 weeks outta do it for my stuff. Just let it soak, pull it out and hose it off. Tends to flash rust right away, though. I figure I'll give each panel a light dusting with the sandblaster to clean off the flash rust and promote paint adhesion.

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                  wow, thanks for the education. I wiill have to keep this in mind for future projects.


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                    Where would as guy find feed grade molasses at ? and is 25 degrees to cold ?


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                      Wow, very discouraging! Came home from work and went out to check the progress. There's maybe 6" of molasses mix left in the tank. Apparently, there's a hole in the pond liner! Back to square one!

                      Most large animal feed stores carry molasses in 3.5 or 5 gallon jugs. If you buy a bunch, like I did, you might get some weird looks. Turns out, molasses is the favorite fertilizer for large scale pot gardens! Don't ask me how I know.

                      And, 25* might be a bit too cold. Heat promotes the process.


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                        clean floor?

                        Wonder how it will clean on the floor?


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                          ru kidding me

                          I wanna know who the first guy was that thought of molasses to remove rust. Wonder what the insides of cows look like now.... hmmm. Im just messing around I know it works cause my dad did some door panels one time just to see. He actually just laid the panel down and brushed on some molasses and two days later washed it off. worked great. Went over eveything with a da and 320 sandpaper and it was paint time.


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                            i will try it ..


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                              I left the doors in the 6" of molasses mix for 2 weeks and here's the results............

                              Looks like it works pretty well! The drivers door has some serious pitting and there's still some rust in the bottom of the pits. I'll bet if I leave 'em in for a month it'll all be gone! Money I don't have, but time I got lot's of! Here's what I had to work with..........................

                              Just ordered a new pond liner off of Ebay for $30, half of what Home Depot wants. Next week I'll fill 'er back up with the molasses mix and let all the panels sit until the end of January. That outta do it!
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