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'27 roadster with force fed 4 build has begun.

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  • From this............

    to this...........and it only took 7 years! Haha!

    The roadster is roadworthy! Drove it all around the neighborhood today. What a blast!!

    It has no VIN #, hasn't been certified by CHP, BAR or DMV but everything works and it runs like a raped ape! Scary fast!

    I have to get used to driving it 'cause everything is so tight in the interior. Very small car. I'm gonna have to do some mods to make it more comfortable. Plexiglass in the windshield for now so I can find, at what point the wind blows in my face. I'll cut an inch at a time until it does so, then add back an inch and go have the glass cut. I'll do a couple weeks of shakedown to determine what needs to be modded, fixed, etc. After that, tear it down to bare frame and do bodywork, paint, polish, reassemble then take care of all the bureaucracies. Here's a couple of pics.

    For me...........this is a big day!

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    • Congrats man!! Gotta love the first drive! That is awesome.
      Current Build Thread:


      • Let's finish this build thread up!

        Over the winter I tore it down in preparation for final assembly.....

        Took the frame out to the backyard and blasted it with Black Diamond.....

        Brought it back into the shop and shot it with some single stage metallic silver.....

        Then reinstalled the suspension.....

        Was able to save my swiss cheese rear quarter panels by soaking some fiberglass mat in silver POR-15 and applying it to the underside.....

        Then I used all-metal filler on the exterior side.....

        Did some more bodywork on the remaining panels then shot everything in Kirker's Hot Rod Flat Black.....

        Reinstalled all body panels then started finishing up the interior by laying down some Peel&Seal followed by cheap indoor/outdoor carpet.....

        I used 1/8" ABS plastic to line the interior panels.....

        And, you can see I built a cubby hole behind the seat.....

        Put the whole car back together and masked it for flames.....

        She's all done!!!!!

        Looks good, runs like a raped ape and gets 30mpg! I have a grand total of $4800 in this thing start to finish. However, it took me 9 years to finish it! The car is gonna make it's debut tomorrow May 11, 2019 at Fred's All American Old Car Day which is a pretty good sized local event. Let's see what the masses have to say about it!


        • This forum is huge. Just now came up on your thread. That is one cool roadster and the nose looks great on it. Well.... what's the update on your ride? Was it a cool first out last May?
 1930 Chevy truck build link:


          • Had a great time and lots of interest in the roadster! Snapped a pic of the wife resting on the rear tire.

            Been to a couple of local shows and even hit Billetproof in Antioch. It's been in hibernation for a couple of months while I worked on the '54. However, I pulled it out today and drove it around for an hour or so 'cause we've got good weather for the next 10 days. I've put about 600 miles on it already.