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  • Hopefully the last time she is ever on a trailer!
    out for inspection tomorrow morning.
    Trailers suck. Click image for larger version

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    My build thread:


    • An epoch day to be sure! (It does kinda scream "drive me there!" don't it???) 1930 Chevy truck build link:


      • My dad and brother both asked why I'm not driving it there too.. the shop is 20 min from home...
        but no, why take a chance when your this close.
        Anyway today was a complete success!
        Inspection PASSED.
        insurance GRANTED
        registration GRANTED

        I really feel like Ive won the lottery, 11 long years of work all come down to 3 major events in one day.

        Feels really good

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        My build thread:


        • Let me be the first to say "Congratulations!" and couldn't be happier for you!

          Time to drive the wheels off. (Well... there is that little "farm" thing to share your time. LMAO!)
 1930 Chevy truck build link:


          • Congratulations!

            That is a huge milestone out of the way.

            Did you take it out for the first legal drive yet?

            I probably wouldn't had been able to resist running it down the road right after I backed it off the trailer.

            Let the smiles per miles add up quickly now! Gene


            • Yea gene, I unloaded it the next day and took it into town, cops left me alone but I think 25% of my small town came out everywhere I stopped to check it out.. it felt great.
              my front right tire has got a pretty mad vibration but other than that, the trip went really well.
              My build thread:


              • Most likely, you will be chasing a few bugs (like the front tire vibration) for a few miles, but once you get past that, its always smiles per miles! The best way to get past chasing the bugs is to put a bunch of miles on it quick! Fix em as they show up and cruise on.

                On a side note, my wife and I took the 48 Plymouth coupe out for a ride to get ice cream (it was in the mid 60s here today) . By the time we got home, it was a 140 mile trip. Best ice cream trip all year, so far. Gene


                • Ordered a couple tires for the front, just under $500 for the cheapest 19.5" tires that can be had. And I guess these tires typically get liquid or balancing beads tossed in... so I may go in tomorrow and get that done and see that works out.
                  I'll feel much better having brand new tires up front.
                  My build thread:


                  • Click image for larger version

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Name:	IMG_20210517_160342.jpg
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ID:	729462 Put on about 600 km so far,
                    the transmission 3rd gear synchro is toast... can still drive it but that will have to get rebuilt this winter. I just have to double clutch into 3rd.
                    Cops pulled me over when I took a trip to pick up canola one day... my license plate was blocked, but he only gave me a warning, then kindly asked if he could take a picture of it 👌😁
                    I'm absolutely loving cruising this thing around and looking forward to attending some car shows this summer!
                    My build thread:


                    • The pics are epic. You are too far away my friend.
             1930 Chevy truck build link:


                      • After all the cutting, welding, thinking, redoing, wiring, and all the other work, the chance to drive them around is priceless! Enjoy those shows, and more importantly, the rides to and from the shows. Gene


                        • Our club put on our annual Vintage Tractor and machinery show this past weekend, mostly build around tractor pulls... so like a good club VP, I entered my rat rod to do a pull..
                          took the sled waaay further than I thought i would! It was such a fun experience ti do itbwith the rat.
                          ​​​​​4 corner air bags with no sway bar made my inner right side dual to rub sidewall the whole pull causing it to blow out at the very end!
                          front and rear swaybars are next on the list!

                          follow the link for the video!🤣

                          My build thread:


                          • This is probably easier to see...

                            My build thread:


                            • That was giving the old truck a workout for sure!
                              If the tire wouldn't have blown out, how much farther do you think it would have pulled? Gene