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'63 Dodge 440 "Cher's Swan"

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  • BareRose
    definitely an option there Gene.
    still on the search for that Dakota donor for the 55 town wagon, and if it pans out in that direction it'll probably go that route.
    since I have a running 318 LA already for the 55, it would be a chassis only that would go over there, and the EFI could come over here.
    meantime I got the original carter 2bbl rebuilt, and back on it and dialed in.

    just ordered a new master cylinder, set of wheel cylinders, and all 4 shoes/hardware kits.
    they should be here Wed, and it will have all new breaks from pedal to all 4 corners....... something I always do, no matter what on these builds.
    this is one of the few that I left the single line master in though.
    it does have factory power breaks...... but I usually swap them over to the front & rears.
    should be ok for this "toupee" build though.

    thinking once I get the 48 (46&2 build) out of the shop and to a stall point, I'll pull this Poly and do a "Krylon Rebuild" on it.
    clear the engine bay, and drop it all back in to await something to come along to change out the fuel intake side of all this.

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  • Gene
    I can offer anything on the aftermarket efi, but I can tell you the late 80s and early 90s Mopar efi used a throttle body injection. It looks like a carb with a few sensors attached that can be hidden with the air cleaner housing. The throttle body is about the size of a 2 bbl carb, I'm pretty sure an adapter plate could be made to make it work on the poly intake. The early efi versions are OBD 1 and are pretty simple setups. The 89-91 Dakota OBD1 wiring is pretty easy (92 to 96 a bit more complex) to separate from the rest of the wiring once the wire is pulled out of the wrapping. The computer can be put inside the car if you don't want it hanging on the inner fender. Might save you $1500. Gene

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  • BareRose

    Does anyone have any experience with the new Holley Sniper 2bbl EFI units?
    Or the FiTech 2bbl EFI units?

    I've been on the search for a 4bbl intake for this old 318 Poly, and so far, anyone that has one wants nearly as much for that as it would cost to just go the EFI route.
    I've read up on them, and each is rated for 350(Holley)-400(FiTech) hp.
    The FiTech (in this model) doesn't offer timing control..... but is rated higher in hp.
    The Holley does control timing and well...... it's a Holley (bigger/older company).
    But Hp rating isn't that big for me on this, as I'm not going that deep into this one.
    It factory rates at 230 hp with the old Carter 2bbl on it now, with choked up stock exhaust...... so I figure 300 TOPS is what I'll ever see out of this old thing with a better exhaust (aka making a set of headers with dual 2.75 - 3" exhaust).
    I know that a lot of things on these Poly (A) bocks interchange with the newer LA blocks, like timing and ignition, but when it comes to Fuel and Exhaust manifolds, its a really limited market (probably why these monster engines got a bad rap).
    I will be swapping the Distributor to a hotter HEI type, which is why I'm kinda leaning toward the Holley in this since it will control that as well.
    As far as hood clearance is concerned..... I'm not too worried.
    If I have to, I'll cut the hood, after all, it's a Hot Rod Grocery Getter and I don't care about things like air cleaners poking out of hoods, or non-original hood scoops.

    I don't know... it's really really tempting to put the $1,000 - 1,500 on this EFI that looks like a carb and call it good.
    Since I'd be at that price point anyway buying someones used aftermarket 4bbl or Tri set up.
    And opening that hood to see that HUGE hunk of Semi-Hemi iron in there....... and a lit' bitty Carter 2bbl sitting on top.
    It's just not right......... I can't sleep at nights knowing I didn't do anything to make that better.

    Any help would be very much appreciated on this.
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  • BareRose
    With the water main fiasco going on at the shop (going to be another week before they get it 100% fixed), extreme weather (tornados and mass thunderstorms), and work. I haven't been able to do a whole lot of fun stuff.
    But did grab enough time to blast, paint, and stripe the air cleaner on this one while the carb is in the "dip tank".
    Thinking of doing a tad bit more on the top, looks a bit sparse up there. Maybe adding in the old Dodge/MoPar Tri-Star in the center.
    Now that it's had over nitght to set, I'll mask the "rings" in the top where the lettering is, and paint the dish in either white or a darker metallic blue.
    The ol' saying..... gotta do something on it every day, even if it's something small, or it'll never get done.

    Bruce at Anthony's Auto just so happened to have a set of valve cover gaskets for this ol' Poly as well.
    The rubber ones to boot!
    So I picked them up as well.
    If the weather stays like this, I think I'll pull, blast, paint and stripe them today.
    Thinking of 2 toning them as well.
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  • BareRose
    Yesterday when I was in Anthony's Auto Parts, getting a canister oil filter for a '53 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup I'm doing in the shop (customer's truck), I asked if he had a carb kit for this 440.
    He just so happened to have one on the shelf, and it looks like it's been on the shelf since the time people still did carbs. lol.
    So I picked it up, along with an air filter and dropped the carb in the dip-tank to soak while I finished up this truck for Denny.
    That little Carter 2bbl was running ok, but for $20 and an easy rebuild job..... figured it was worth it just to be on the safe side.
    We've been doing business with Anthony's since '65 when they opened. It's one of those rare parts stores that still use books instead of relying on a computer to find what you need.
    If the computer doesn't go back that far...... the book does, and he takes the time to cross ref it into the computer to find it and get it for you.
    True Customer Service, that is more than a false smile - give me your money & get out - Next, approach that has become too common in the industry these days.

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  • 23dodges10
    Very clean cruiser. Not a lot of 440's left either.

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  • BareRose
    started a topic '63 Dodge 440 "Cher's Swan"

    '63 Dodge 440 "Cher's Swan"

    Ok..... this one started out as a Donor Car for my 55 Town Wagon, but the wife said she wants it and wants it shiny.
    I was gonna call it the Ugly Kid Joe, but she sees a Swan in it, so here goes........

    Traded 2 gallons of Pearl Blue single stage paint, and an old (well used) frame stretcher for this, and brought it home on a trailer.
    Didn't want to touch fire to it, with 100yr old gas in the tank.
    Pulled the fuel line and ran an elec fuel pump to the carb. Filled a gallon gas can, and ran the fuel pump line to it.
    Put a battery in it, and the old 318 Poly fired on the first touch of the key. Leveled out, and ran like a dream.
    I left the restoration business and prefer the "dirty rats"..... but looks like I'll be dabbling on the "clean" side of things with this one.

    Wish me luck.