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My '54 Customline build

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    A little more progress. Pulled the original wiring harness....what a mess! The cloth insulation was basically gone with lots of bare wire exposed.

    Luckily, I found this at a garage sale awhile back for $25. The guy obviously didn't know what he had. The box was a little beat up but everything inside was there, complete and still sealed in their cellophane bags!

    Mounted the fusebox high on the kickpanel and tucked up and behind the dash.

    I separated all the wiring and ran it to it's respective areas. It's coiled up and marked and ready for connection.

    Moving on to the next task, I pulled the windshield and back glass. The gaskets were toast and I needed to do a bunch of metalwork on the roof so out they came. Surprising how easy they were to remove! The windshield gasket was brittle so I just popped the inside lip off in chunks with a screwdriver.

    I left the stainless mouldings on because they're integral to the gasket. I gently pushed on the top part of the glass while my wife held the bottom so it wouldn't pop out and hit the floor. Came right out!

    The back gasket wasn't as brittle so I had to slice all around the inside lip with a razor knife. Did the same procedure. Pushed on the top portion of the glass while my wife held the bottom. Again, came right out!

    Built a little stand using scrap lumber, electrical conduit and some pipe insulation. Now they're stored out of the way so they won't get damaged.

    Next up is more metalwork. The drip rail and sections of the roof were rotted through. This was the worst spot. Cut out the drip rail and roof section. No turning back now!

    It's packed with that factory sealer garbage that loves to retain moisture. Had to scrape that all out.

    Did the front section first then moved onto the side section.

    Welded on a 1/2" strip for the valley of the drip rail.

    Next I built the face of the drip rail. Cut a 1/2" strip of 18ga and gave it a little tweak in the middle on my HF brake. That helped it match the contour of the original. Welded it on. I could barely get the tip of my MIG down in the hole!

    Moved onto the side section and did the same procedure. Made relief cuts every inch or so I could make the curve.

    Semi-finished product. Might not win the Ridler award but it'll do!

    Had to do the whole front section too.

    Had to backtrack a little today. When I mounted the '55 fuel tank I thought all was good and then I noticed the fuel door would close all the way except when the gas cap was on! So, today I pulled the tank and shortened the filler tube a little over an inch.

    Fits like a glove now and the door closes with the cap on!

    That's all for today. I hope I'm not overwhelming you guys with tons of pics! I just like to document and explain everything I do in the hopes it'll help someone else during their build. I've got a little more metal work to do and then I'll start pulling the drivetrain outta the Mustang.


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      I'm surely impressed by some of the body work you guys do. Don't slow up on the pics because the only thing better than that is being there in person. It's great to see how different folks address different things, but pics also helps make a build a bit more "personal from afar" if that makes sense. Keep up the great work! 1930 Chevy truck build link:


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        Pics are gold!
        My build thread: