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51 Merc Monarch Build

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  • 51 Merc Monarch Build

    We guys time for another build been a few months. This time it's for my better half. I did some work for a friend and got a 51 Merc in trade, and she claimed it her's. So it's been on the back burner for to long.
    The plan is to make a nice reliable driver for her to cruise in so a chassis swap was in order and a 86 Parisienne was used as a donor.

    The day we picked it up.

    Fast forward a few years and I finally have it in the shop and am cutting the body from the chassis.

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    Now onto the donor car I'll spare you the tearing it apart portion.

    Some of the leftover parts


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      Getting ready to roll it under the chassis

      Sitting on the chassis after tons of cutting


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          If you tilt your head to the right it'll make sense that it's the rear wheel tub haha

          The firewall mess this will take a little work to pretty up.

          What I had done was cut the whole post out of the donor and then slid the merc over using the stock inner rockers of the donor car.


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            Here is the problem that I knew I was going to run into was the wheel base wasn't quite the same. So to make it fit I had to move the fender back a little.

            Almost there just have rust repair to take care of yet.

            And parting shot of the happy owner, and shop partner doing her part seeing as it is her car :)


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              Few updates

              Sealing up the trunk

              Now on to the chop. First cut!


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                Many cuts later

                Piecing it all back together.


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                    Nice build.
                    What arethe plans for paint
                    Or leave it bare?


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                      This one will get paint eventually she want's it gun metal grey. but for now it'll be in primer till we get all the body mods done.


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                        So little update last nights challenge was getting the drivers side tacked up and start on the rear window section.
                        So this is how we left off on this side

                        sticking in the mid section

                        Now on to the rear


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                          on to the rear


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                            making the filler panel

                            Little bit shorter than she was before.


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                              Great metal working skills. It's gonna be a killer sled when you're finished.
                              But I do have one question. You do know you were wearing tan colored Crocs in one of those pics right?