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Another 50 chev chop

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  • Another 50 chev chop

    Well the story goes I got me a free 2 door chev so played with the idea of sectioning it and chopping.
    I'll post updates as I go

    Just got her home

    Nice ratty interior

    Strip down time

    New power plant chev 350

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    Some rust issues have to get those out the way first before I cut her up

    Getting her marked up for a 3" section

    Snip snip


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      Drop her back down

      The start of lots of welding to come


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        Now for the chop. Keeping it simple strait 4"


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          Now to start on the doors


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            Doors back on and decided to slant the posts

            Parting shot for now...


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              Say , I remember these cars. but I forgot they came with that V8. hell the engine alone was worth the free .... before the flaming I was kidding about the V8 thing
              Keep the rubber burning and the flames shooting out of your headers ............


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                Very nice!
                "Friends don't let friends use billet."


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                  how hard was the sectioning to do? was thinking of taking out 2-3 inches out of my truck. might be a little low with a 7.5 inch chop. will need to see how the final headroom is before see if i can do it. nice job.. can't wait itl it is done.
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                    That's a lot of work! Good job!


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                      lookin killer man keep it up.


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                        Looks great hoitink. Some how I get the feelin ya done this before:confused: Correct me if I'm wrong.
                        Need update soon, having withdraws......:D
                        46 Ford truck, my first build

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                          i agree. great work on your car. cool that you got it free! lucky man!!! i've always read about sectioning in magazines, this is the first time i've seen it done. thank you! great build. i await more!!!!!!
                          cApTeN ICON


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                            Well I got the other door in place and most of the welding done on it. This door fits much better than the drivers guess that's to be expected when you cut a car up a couple times lol


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                              Well put the front clip on tonight and chopped down the one side. I think it's looking pretty good lol