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    Default Model A Pickup Cab

    Looking to trade this cab for a Model T or Model A Coupe or Tudor Sedan in similar condition, but will sell outright for $2,000.

    '30-'31 Model A Pickup Cab
    Stock Condition
    From West Texas, very little rust-through
    I have new patch panels for the door bottoms and cowl bottoms not installed yet.
    New Rear Lower Panel has been welded in, All Patches from Howell's.
    Floor cut out and braced with 1x1 tacked in to hold the truck together
    Roof Top was removed because previous owner welded in galvanized sheet over the stock curved roof panels & visor. I have a nice visor to go with it, along with some original Coupe curved panels, and a pair of full length Fordor curved roof panels to be grafted in for a stock top. Nice Windshield frame, dash rail, & header panel included. Cowl & Firewall are in great shape, overall very solid truck. Doors open & close, but handles/latches need to be adjusted/replaced.

    Here's an old picture when it was brought home from west Texas. (dusty & dirty in pic) I will get new pics this week when I roll it out of my shop.

    Again, I will trade for a Model A or Model T Coupe or Sedan in similar condition. That means no roadsters, no fordors, no rpus, no rusted junk.

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    Here's the pics...only the cab, no axles or wheels/tires in picture are included...

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    For anyone interested, please e-mail me for a faster response.



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