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    Default 1959 Ford Custom 300 project - Ohio

    It is a 1959 Ford Custom 300 2dr sedan. One of the most solid project '59s I've seen. It runs and drives but still needs some work. There are a few rust bubbles but nothing that is out of hand. The worst part of the body is that someone hooked the driver's side rear quarter with their bumper and tore the sheet metal at some point in time. Replacement panels are available from Macs (27840-36061-L $109.95 and 27840-36065-L $67.95). The underside of the car looks like new. The trunk is nice also. no rust through anywhere. And the original carpet is still back there as well as the spare. The body was repainted with a basecoat/clearcoat at some point in time and most of the clear has worn off, so it's time for a repaint.

    The motor is a 223 I6. It seems to be getting tired, but it might just need a tune-up. I was planning on dropping in a 302 w/ auto tranny, so never messed with it too much. The motor tends to over heat, at least according to the guage. There is no water in the oil, and no water coming out the exhaust, no steam evacuating through the breathers. I just replaced the water pump and thermostat. So it might just be a faulty temp sending unit.

    In the past few months I have rebuilt the carb, replaced the air filter, added a fuel filter, replaced the spark plugs, replaced the intake gasket, flushed the cooling system, replaced the water pump, replaced the thermostat.

    The car has a pretty decent interior, definitely nice enough for a driver. There is one crack in the passenger side rear glass. Radio even works. It has wide white wall tires and nice hubcaps.

    I have a motor conversion kit for it that will allow you to drop in a 302 or 289 w/ auto tranny with very little modification. The kit will be included with the car. If you have an interest in doing this swap I have a bunch of leads on cheap runners in the area, in fact my next door neighbor has 302/AOD combo available for cheap.

    The pictures tell the story pretty well. It's definitely a very nice, easy, cheap project for someone.

    This is my girlfriend's car and she is willing to trade for something roadworthy and automatic. Pre-1960 only. Send me you offers and I will get them to her.

    email is the best way to contact me.

    PS- we can't afford shipping, so we prefer something somewhat local, unless the other party wants to deal with trasport. Car is located in central Ohio.

    $3500 obo

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    Cool car, hopefully it finds a good home, too bad my garage is full or I would take it home with me. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxie50059 View Post
    Cool car, hopefully it finds a good home, too bad my garage is full or I would take it home with me. :D
    pretty decent price too I think. Someone could have this ripping up the highway in a dedicated weekend.

    I've got the mounts to do a 289/302 swap also without any fabrication needed.

    This thing would be nasty with a 302.

    Hard to find anything in this price range with a decent interior. I'm surprised it has lasted this long myself.

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    just kickin' this back up to the top so somebody can be stylin' by spring.

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    Bump- still available

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    $2500 if you can get it out of my driveway before this Saturday. Title is already notorized and ready for transfer.



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