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    Default sector shaft size driving me crazy

    I bought a 70 mustang manual steering bow for $30 to use on my willys because the shape is perfect for my setup. well I ran the numbers on the box and it says its a 1 1/8 sector shaft. I have bought 2 1 1/8 pitman arms and they are to big, I bought a 1" pitman arm and its to small. is sector shaft size different measurements from different manufacturers? the first arm was a gm, the second was supposedly aftermarket for nascar and the third was a universal for a vega box. I need an arm that has a ball on it for the willys steering or one that I can put a ball on. I have spent about a month trying to get the right arm and im at my wits end. any help would be greatly appreciated. the numbers on the box are smb-d, the sector shaft measures 1 1/8 right where it comes out of the box

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    What would I do? I'd take the box to a recycler (boneyard) that has Hollander Interchange Manuals and pay them to tell me exactly what the box is and what pitman arm will work with it.



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