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    Default On my way to joining the under $3000 club

    Starting to collect parts for my build.The theme of my ride will be cheap and free.To start out I picked up motor and trans for $200.It's a 225 slant six with a 904 trans out of a 68 Dodge.My front axle is a 29 Ford Model A.I scored a really nice stainless tank for a fuel cell.I picked up an almost new B&M shifter For $5.00 with the cable and brackets.I'm going to use old Jeep CJ rims that I have laying around.I need to get my frame material and a body yet.Leaning towards a Jeep CJ body if I can't find a truck cab that I like at a reasonable price.For the rear axle I'm looking for a ford f150 or possibly a jeep/IH.anything that will take the old big ford wheel pattern.

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    superior montana on 1.25 acres out of town


    Sounds like you are on the way! Keep pickin!



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